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Giving Back: For Business, for Fulfilment

It gives you a sense of pride and fulfillment when you form your own company

But there is always a sense of reciprocity within the community for small businesses. The smaller the business, the less intimidating it is. Chances are, people in the community prefer to be loyal to smaller stores because it makes them feel at home. In a sense, these…


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What do entrepreneurs love about being an entrepreneur


           Entrepreneurship—what’s not to love? It’s your own will, your own design and your own rules. Many people are handing in their resignations in order to start their own business. It will take hard work in order to succeed. But the fruits of one’s labor will be great. Here are some things entrepreneurs love about entrepreneurship.

1.   Control…


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5 Ways to Save or Make Money from your Own House

One way to save money is through maximizing your own house. It’s a great way to save actually because each one of us needs shelter—it’s one of every human being’s basic needs. So we basically need to have our own house. And if we have an opportunity to earn from it then well and good.

           Here are some of the ways to save and make money from your own house:…


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Why Payday Loans are Risky

Loans, in general, are risky. It should be avoided at all cost. Loans are generally money that you don’t have. So you get it and you have to pay it off over a certain period of time with interest. Failure to pay off at the given or agreed time would mean additional interest. But there are really times when people get themselves in a bind and a loan is inevitable.

If you absolutely have to take out a loan, just don’t get a payday…


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The Biggest Lesson Learned in Business by Some of the World's Greatest Entrepreneurs

The biggest entrepreneurs in the world didn’t get to where they are overnight. There’s a good amount of determination needed complemented with discipline in order to succeed in business. But perhaps there is also a pinch of luck needed—in terms of opportunities and the people that make up the entire business. Here are some of the biggest lessons learned in business from the world’s top businessmen.



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How Small Businesses Can Keep Customers and Never Lose Them

Small businesses tend to lose their customers within three years. Of course, this all depends on the business—but generally, it takes three years to assess whether the business will survive in the long run or not. This is about the time when the…


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7 Things to Know When Filing Tax Returns

Every citizen needs to pay taxes. But not every citizen takes the time to get to know why we pay taxes, how to calculate taxes and where our taxes go. Educating yourself about taxes is important so that you don’t “overpay.” Also, there are times when the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gives out tax refunds. The thing is everybody wants a tax refund, but not a lot want to know more about taxes. So here are the seven basic things you need to know about filing tax…


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5 Sure Ways to Become Financially Successful

Becoming wealthy is a choice. It’s your choice to get rich or not. But it’s far better to live a life with money than to get trapped in a “rat race”. Setting your financial goals is a big leap towards financial freedom. It’s about crafting plans that work paired with devotion and passion.

Here are other specific financial steps on how to achieve the ultimate financial.success.…


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5 Ways to Secure your Road to Financial Freedom

Having a huge monthly income or profit is difficult to achieve for many people, but there are steps you can do to have six to seven figures per month. Despite the economic downturn that has taken its toll these days, there are opportunities you can tap to achieve such goal. These strategies will fire up your road to financial freedom. By executing them efficiently, you can have more time to enjoy your money with your loved ones soon.



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What Millennials Should Do with their Money?

In my blog, 10 Effective Steps to Build a Strong Financial Future for the Millennials, millennials should think of building a solid foundation for their financial future.

Save money as early as you can

This is important because failure to save money can be…


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Top 10 Home-based Business You Can Start with Small Capital

Starting up a home-based business these days isn’t difficult in its entirety. This is made possible with the help of various social media platforms –Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter– that could serve as effective means of “plugging” and advertising your products and services.


If you…


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