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B2b Marketing Automation Done Right: Make it or Break it

Marketing automation isn’t likely to go anywhere just yet – with marketing automation vendors predicting huge increases on the market, it is more likely that businesses will have to adjust to this trend. Moving to a tool that enables marketing automation, however, isn’t painless – it is quite expensive, actually. Not only will you have to get used to doing business this way, but you’ll also have to face the data migration, staff training and integration with other types of software. Still,…


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Is Big Data Going to Shape the Future of HR

Do you know what a zettabyte is? A terabyte, as most of us are aware of, is made of 1,000 gigabytes; a petabyte is a thousand terabytes; and a 1,000 petabytes make for 1,000 exabytes. Well, a zettabyte makes for a thousand exabytes. Why are we telling you this? Because about 3.2 zettabytes of data is stored all across the world. Pretty whopping when put into perspective, isn’t…


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How Netflix Paved the Way for Popularization of Streaming Businesses

Everyone has heard about Netflix. This streaming service has become as common in colloquial English language as the words Facebook or googling. In fact, my MS Word 2016 auto corrected the capital letter on Netflix on its own, as I expected it to do. With 83 million subscribers, this entertainment conglomerate has become one of the largest worldwide. However, the story of Netflix isn’t just about the company, but also about this entire branch of industry. With its incredible success, Netflix…


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Choosing an Internet Connection for Your Small Business

Choosing the type and speed of internet connection for your business depends on a multitude of factors. Beginning with the type of the business, its size, available types of connections, as well as available ISPs in your vicinity. Having a fast and reliable internet connection in this day and age has become an imperative. Even businesses that usually shouldn’t rely on the internet are nowadays somewhat dependent on it. So let’s take a look at what kind of internet connection…


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How Surety Bonds Can Help Your Small Business

Although most people think that surety only works for obligees it also brings plenty of benefits to contractors and various other service businesses. In this article we are going to analyze benefits of surety bonds and determine how small and medium enterprises can use them to reduce their business risks.…


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Fight Fire with Fire: Digital Marketing For Digital Age

In the modern, high-tech world, digital avenues are the cornerstone of marketing efforts. With the abundance of digital tools, all companies have the chance to make a name for themselves. Some manage to take the market by storm, but digital marketing is more than just a moment of buzz.

It is a constant process of building trust and reputation in a highly dynamic and competitive environment. Do not burn your bridges playing with fire, but use it…


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The Difference Between Outsourcing and Managed Services

When you come to think about it, what most businesses tend to lean towards is self-sufficiency. Unfortunately, world of modern business doesn’t work this way and more often than not you will be forced to look for help in different places. Some tasks, are simply too insignificant for your specific industry or too expensive to keep an in-house team for, which is why you will have to turn either to managed services or to outsourcing. Still, the subtle difference between these…


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Establishing a Brand in the Cyberspace

Digital age completely changed marketing. It enabled entrepreneurs to target and reach their audience much easier, which led to increased conversion rates and higher sales. Yet, building a brand name still requires a lot of work and dedication. In this article we describe some of the essential practices for building a powerful online brand.…


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Using WordPress Beyond Blogging

Regardless of what you do for a living, building strong online presence is a definite must. Even though this will make you known to a lot of people, their impression of you can go both ways. Your website, will be the face of your business and for this reason, it needs to be presentable. There are various systems that can be used to utilize these effects but none of them is so efficient and user friendly as WordPress is. Here are some of the greatest advantages of using…


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Outsourcing Havens around the Globe

There are two major reasons for a company to resort to outsourcing. First one is of purely financial nature. Namely, sometimes hiring an in-house team to deal with one aspect of your business is not an option (especially for startups or small and medium businesses). Second reason is the quality of service, since even if you do assign this particular job to some of your employees, the results still won’t be as satisfactory as if you hired a professional. In both of these cases,…


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Importance of Social Media Marketing

Being good in marketing nowadays means that you have to adjust to the changing rules which govern the Internet, otherwise you might fall back and it is hard climbing back from a chasm. Being a strong part of modern marketing strategies, social media networks are indispensable tools to use as a viable marketing tool.

Lowering Your Marketing…


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Implementing Google Apps for Work

For a real businessman there is nothing more important than equipping your office adequately. Proper equipment can easily utilize the way your office works and significantly increase productivity. However, you have to bear in mind that in the 21st century equipment is more virtual than material. What this means is that today when equipping your office, it is an imperative that you find the right apps. As always, when in doubt, Google comes to the rescue.…


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Utilising the Power of Classic Marketing for Your Small Business

Working on growing your business to become big and successful will require a bit of know-how, and of course some good old marketing to attract more customers. However, you will have to look into different approaches you can have, and go with the ones you can afford.

Let people talk about your business

Instead of spending a lot of money on advertising, it is best to let your customers do it for…


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Expenditures Reduction Through Outsourcing

Companies go to great lengths to replace office printed materials with digital files. Still, most enterprises rely on printed documents as a fail-safe alternative to digital archives, even though printing takes up to 3% of a company’s revenue. The solution is to give printing the same level of importance as the IT department, and to develop strategies that will increase employees’ productivity, protect sensitive data and support environmental efforts. One of…


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