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5 Best Ruby on Rails CMS platforms

Having a development team working on your website is great. They can manage things, write impressive code, and make your site unique. Yet sometimes, it makes a project complicated. This happens especially when your website needs to be small and simple. There is a way to make things simpler and more comfortable for everyone – acquiring a CMS. A CMS can help you push your website into production faster and with fewer efforts.…


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How to Develop Online Marketplace MVP

The online marketplace is a platform where one can review, compare and buy goods from different vendors. Generally speaking, the marketplaces are the mediators between the buyers and the sellers. The clients look for the product or services they need, and the system displays the sellers that are able to offer the necessary item or job.

It is not surprising that the marketplaces have become so popular. You no longer…


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The Guide to Smart Contracts for Business Owners

Several years ago, Satoshi Nakamoto developed the blockchain and Bitcoin. Nakamoto left Bitcoin in 2010; however, his project is still going strong. Nowadays, it is obvious that Bitcoin is not the only possible cryptocurrency, and that cryptocurrency is not the only possible application of blockchain.

Ethereum appeared in 2014 and quickly demonstrated that it is not just an ordinary cryptocurrency. Their platform…


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How to Interview RoR Developers

It may seem that in our age of rapid development of digital technologies and IT business it is quite easy to find a professional programmer or web developer. CEOs rely on numerous courses available for those developers who want to broaden their knowledge. The workers themselves regard company experience as the most important promoting factor of their career. However, the situation is not what it seems. If you are a careful and wise boss, you know the importance of a job interview that makes…


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Peer-to-Peer Video Calls Using Ruby on Rails

Modern means of communication have changed the world forever. Now, with only a connection to the Internet, we can speak to somebody on the other side of the Earth. Video calls enabled people not only to hear but see the person they’re talking to. The applications for video calls are numerous. In fact, they have already evolved from just a means of communication to a new method of business interaction. People know how…


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Why Choose Ruby on Rails for a Startup?

Topical blog posts, article comments sections and forum discussions on RoR (Ruby on Rails)tend to quite frequently start by emphasizing the framework’s startup-friendliness and increasing…


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The Guide to Blockchain for Business Owners

In recent years only a few people have heard of the word “blockchain” and even fewer have understood what it means. In 2017 the situation changed dramatically: the price of bitcoin increased around 20 times and blockchain became one of the most discussed topics in the world.

However, it is not the only significant change in the cryptomarket in the last year. Many new cryptocurrencies have appeared. Tremendous sums…


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How to Build Data Processing Software

Data processing is a topic that attracts huge interest nowadays. Data processing software examples developed by leading IT companies impact all industries and have the ability to make any business process a lot simpler. The right solution for processing data can extend its potential and enhance the application’s functionality. To understand how to create high-level powerful software, let’s dive into what data processing is and its peculiarities. 

Introduction to…


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How to launch a successful ICO?

Are you planning to become a part of the cryptomarket and create your own cryptocurrency? Great idea! Nowadays, the digital currencies are a global phenomenon that arouse huge interest among the investors. According to CoinMarket group, the total capitalization of…


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Should You Choose VueJS Over React?

Choosing a front-end development tool can be a tricky and wearisome decision. Comparing VueJS vs ReactJS, along with other tools that can be included in a comprehensive comparison, is a highly relevant topic, especially in 2018. Entrepreneurs that are interested in extending their web business conduct deep research to understand which tool caters to their business needs the best. But it is not so easy to pick the right tool, mainly because all of the most…


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How to Decide on MVP Functionality

Before Agile development gained its popularity, the Waterfall principle was the primary system for development. Projects would start with tons of documentation explaining the idea itself, every single feature to be implemented or designed — literally everything. Once you were done with the paperwork and had discussed everything with the development team, the work began. The product would go back and forth until everybody was satisfied, and only then would it…


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7 Tips on Application Development for the Fintech Industry

The world is changing rapidly, and new concepts and technologies are being created constantly. This unstoppable evolution has touched every single part of our lives. Within the last century, the world has witnessed the emergence of hundreds of thousands of new inventions. While some of them were initially met with a lot of criticism, those that have proven to be helpful have taken firm positions in our day-to-day lives.



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