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4 Easy ways to Avoid TDS on Fixed Deposits

When we talk about assured returns on investment, Fixed Deposit is one of the most sought after investment option in India. Fixed Deposit involves depositing of money for a fixed period which is pre-agreed and on the completion of the tenure, you receive the amount that you invested, plus the interest that was accumulated on the amount.

Fixed Deposit is resorted to by many investors majorly because of safety and security of investment. There are varieties of …


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Reasons Behind Loan Against Property Application Rejection

A loan against property helps you get quick access to some money as per the value of your residential or commercial property. Thus, if you have an urgent requirement for money, you can always keep your property as collateral and get cash.

What’s more, since a loan against property is a secured loan…


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Impact of Goods and Services Tax on Budget 2018-19

The Union Budget 2018 presented on 1st February 2018 by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was the first Budget post Goods and Services Tax (GST). While there was a lot of speculation on the nature of the Budget, as it was the last full-time Budget presented before General Elections next year, GST had a say in the first major event for the Indian economy in 2018.



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All You Need to Know About Paperless Personal Loans

In an age when the world is going paperless, why do you want to travel all the way to a branch and apply for a personal loan? Instead, sit at home, use the internet and apply for one.

Benefits of paperless loans…


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Loan Against Property For Doctors – 5 Basic Rules to Follow

A loan against property for doctors is a handy financial tool that can benefit a medical expert who is looking to expand his/her business operations. If you are a medical personnel who would like to apply for a loan against property for doctors, it would be good to know some features and benefits and follow some rules.

What is a loan against property for doctors and how does it work?

A loan against property for doctors is sanctioned against a property’s value…


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Smart Things to Know About Loans for Chartered Accountants

Availing a Chartered Accountant Loan can help elevate your career to greater heights. You can even set up your own practice or expand an existing CA business. The following are some of the important things you should know before applying for a CA loan:

  1. Maximum loan amount: Every lender has a maximum loan amount to offer. The fundamental step is to check if your need matches their offer.…


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Is a Working Capital Loan the Right Choice for Your Business?

Even for SMEs with great experience in the industry, securing a working capital loan is a harder task than one thinks. Availing a working capital loan is easier said than done. It is because most of the traditional financial institutions are not willing to take a single risk on a business whose plan does not excite them. Basically, they would not provide the helping hand if they do not find value in the proposition. However,…


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A Guide to Getting a Personal Loan in Delhi

Delhi is huge, it is fast expanding beyond its boundaries. The nation’s capital is a good place to live in, but the cost of living here is high. If you have not been able to save a lot of spare funds, you can find yourself in difficulties if you suddenly need access to a large amount of cash.

Want to carry out some home repairs? Buying a new essential home appliance to replace an old one that just gave up its life? Need funds to pay for some…


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How Can a Personal Loan EMI Calculator Help You?

Personal loans can be easily defined as an unsecured loan option as the lenders do not ask the applicants to keep a collateral against the loan amount. As personal loans are considered unsecured, many people prefer them over other loans. Also, the usage of funds from personal loans are not monitored by the lender, which makes it easy for the applicant to use the funds according to their financial needs.

Similar to that of calculators which help you in determining the right number,…


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Paying a Home Loan? Here’s How You can Save Tax on It

Many people dream of having a house. A house which they can call as their dream house. But this dream house can be expensive. Especially if you are purchasing a house in a metropolitan city as these cities provide you with all the facilities and this makes affording a house in such cities expensive.…


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All about Non-Bank Fixed Deposit

Most investors prefer fixed deposit systems and feel it to be the safest option. At present, the interest charge is declining banks are also reducing their interest rates.

The traditional investors have considered bank Fixed deposit is a smart investment option from a very long time. But, with the falling interest rate…


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