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How to Choose the Color of Your Brand

How to Choose the Color of Your Logo

Color is an inherently important part of logo design. The logo colors you choose to represent your company can have an impact on what customers think of when they see that logo; in fact, there have been studies done that suggest that over ninety percent of all consumers make purchasing or investment decisions based upon the colors associated with the brands in question. This means color choice when you create a logo is almost as important as the…


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5 steps to become a Successful business owner

Having a good idea for a business is one thing; actually taking that idea and using it to create a successful business is something else entirely. In fact, various studies report that approximately half of all businesses will fail within the first five years. In many cases, it’s not even that there as something wrong with the business idea itself; more often than not, the failure comes from business owners not understanding which steps to take to execute their vision and help their…


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Business resources every small business needs

Anyone who starts their business website or blog tends to think that their online business is unique. The truth is that if the idea behind the new site or blog is unique or not, there are some essential features that every website must have in other to succeed.

Regardless of whether you plan to sell electronics, or if you want to try your luck with online marketing, branding, or just want to share ideas in an online magazine, you can benefit from making the right decisions about the…


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Creating monogram logos for your business

What is a monogram logo?

A monogram is a symbol created from the company name. Monogram is using the alphabet letters of the business name, creating a professional typography.

It is also called a letter logo because it uses the initials of the brand to…


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Why do you need a logo design?

More than ever, companies compete with the smallest customer support capabilities. As a result, they have focused their attention on creating new and memorable logos. No company can spend the unlimited time to convince potential customers that their products are excellent. A logo can quickly capture viewer’s attention and communicate the fundamental values of a company uniquely. Increasingly, consumers judge…


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