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Magento vs. OpenCart: Which One Should you Choose

When it comes to getting started with a new e-commerce entrepreneurial journey you will have to decide on a suitable e-commerce platform for your venture.

If you’re yet to decide which platform will be best suited for the business, one thing can be done is to explore the features of different platforms beforehand and then compare them with the options available in the market.

This piece will help you decide between two major competitors available in the…


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How To Start A WordPress Blog - A Step By Step Guide

Blogging not only gives you a platform to share your thoughts with others but also you can make money from it. If you are wondering how to start, blogging without much hassle WordPress is an excellent solution for you. In this blog, we guide you through every single step you need to take to start a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Decide the Topic of Blog:

To start a blog, first, identify a niche you have an interest in. It does not have to be…


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Can WordPress Be Used For E-commerce?

Starting as a blogging medium in 2013, WordPress has now become one of the popular content management systems in the world. With thousands of plugins and add-on features, this highly flexible platform helps you to build your own Ecommerce website from…


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7 E-commerce Site Design Trends for 2018

The fact that e-commerce has taken over the retail market is undebatable and the effects of this can be seen in the growth of the number of e-commerce websites in the past few years. The e-commerce industry has become a perfect competition and hence newer…


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7 E-Commerce Trends That Will Dominate in 2018

In the present scenario, where consumers are hooked to the internet and prefer shopping online, it is all about E-Commerce. There are a lot of E-Commerce giants who have made a mark in the arena and have created a brand name for themselves. However, this in no way means that newer entrants don’t stand a chance.

Of course, they do. Remember with technological changes coming forth with each passing day, even the established players need to keep updating their game to…


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5 things every Magento website owner should know about mobile commerce

Magento is revered as one of the prominent enterprise-class eCommerce platform that handles more than $100 billion gross merchandise volume, every year. It is estimated that it is chosen by 1 of every 4 online businesses.

Magento offers an exclusive suite of tools to render great control of the functionality, look and feel of your website, thereby offering one of the finest online shopping experiences to your clients. Underneath…


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Top Magento 2 Payment Gateways: Which One Should You Pick?

First things first, Magento and Magento 2 aren’t the same thing; which is why this is a specific post rather than a general one. With so many options available in the market today, opting for the right one becomes imperative as a payment gateway is one the most critical entities when it comes to your e-commerce website.

A Much Needed Reminder – How Do Payment Gateways Even Work?

What a solid payment gateway focuses on is security. It helps to…


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Quick Tips On Selecting a Perfect Theme for WordPress Website

Are you bored of the phrase - WordPress theme development? You shouldn’t be! Because its here for long.WordPress development over the years has certainly gathered a few followers. Yes, that’s a hint of sarcasm. As every credible web developer will tell you, there’s none better CMS or a…


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