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9 Expert Ways to Boost Your WordPress Site SEO

It so easy for even a non-coder to set up a WordPress site, but they need to optimize it for SEO is not that easy. WordPress is now a highly admired content management system, which also has a decent baseline SEO element out of the box. However, there is still the scope of improving these decent baseline elements to advanced SEO strategies, which is essential for the business website administrator.

SEO is no more limited to maximum possible link building or blatant stuffing of…


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5 ways in which parents can help their child prepare for a government exam

It can be challenging for the parents to stand by their children and watch them go through the hardship of preparing for any government or competitive exams. Exams can become more challenging to the students if they do not take care of their health and study for long night sessions without taking proper rest in the remaining time of the day. In the rigorous course of preparation, students may not be able to follow a strict routine of maintaining good health and preparing for the exam at the…


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Instagram Social Media Marketing: Five Common Mistakes to Avoid

With more than 800 million users, there is no doubt that Instagram is the center of most social media marketing strategies. To succeed in an online marketing campaign, businesses need to ensure that they are not committing errors in their strategies and ruining the experience of their followers who come with lots of expectations.

If you are baffled by the idea of…


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Top Four Social Media Websites Along with Instagram for Effective Business Promotion

Social media is not just a casual platform for communication, as various social media websites are used these days for serious business promotional purposes. Different social media platforms are there, offering a lot of convenience in the process of business marketing as well as promotion. So, the obvious question is what the most reliable platforms for business…


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How to Make Pop-Ups Work for Your E-Commerce Store

Pop-ups are those little advertising boxes that pop up or out when you are reading some information on a site. They annoyingly interrupt your online experience, and you must look for the x-sign to close them. Sometimes you will unknowingly open them. In as much as the pop-ups can be annoying to the visitor, they work well for the e-commerce store.

The objective of a pop-up is to give a compelling call to action. They inform the visitor about new products, discounts, and sales. An…


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What Are the Benefits of Virtual Credit Cards for Corporations?

As Canadian businesses work to stay ahead of current technology, it might be a worthwhile time to start exploring a new option which is virtual corporate credit cards.

There’s such a push to move from physical payments to virtual options, so why not do the same with corporate cards? Relative to changes in technology impacting pretty much every other area of business, corporate cards have…


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7 Massive Companies That Were Started From Home

Some of the biggest companies in the world got their start from humble beginnings, either from home offices, garage offices, or dorm rooms. It just goes to show that big things can happen from anywhere, as long as you have the belief, drive, and one dynamic idea.

Amazon, Current Value: $535 Billion

It's well-documented that Jeff Bezos of Amazon started his giant retail company as an online bookseller. He hung up a small, nondescript sign in his garage that simply said…


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How to Boost Security for Your WordPress Site

WordPress is currently the most dominant content management system (CMS) and it powers about 27% of all internet sites. It’s a popular platform for small business. If you use this CMS…


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5 Benefits of Working Online

There are many ways to earn money from home. You can turn your hobby into a business, start your own online business or you can freelance. This is the beauty of the web - it helps you generate income while staying at home, doing what you love and without the hassles of beating the traffic.

Most people think that…


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The Dos and Don’ts of Instagram Marketing

Launching an Instagram marketing campaign for your business is a very smart move in the highly competitive internet market. The modern business environment is fluid and you have to stay up to date to remain competitive. Using Instagram in your marketing strategy will help you leverage the network’s growing user numbers.

With over 700 monthly active users (MAUs), this is a social media platform you cannot afford to ignore. Up to date, over 40 billion images have been shared on this…


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6 Practical Ways to Effectively Engage Your Instagram Followers

As soon as you set up your Instagram page and start growing your audience, the next challenge is in keeping your followers engaged. 40% of Instagram users follow at least one business, which means you have to compete to keep your followers engaged.…


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4 Android App Development Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Today Android has become the most used mobile platform all around the globe. Statistics say that over 85% people around the world are using this platform in some form or the other. The main reason for its popularity could be its customization features and also the fact that it is available on various platforms such as TV, tablets, phones, cars etc. While Google Play Store already has 2 million apps, the increasing demand of android makes it very clear that there is a huge potential market…


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