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The Impact of 2018 Data Breaches On Data Security of 2019

The past year saw cyberattacks incessantly with the United States as the biggest victim of these attacks. These attacks affected more than 2 billion users’ records which included sensitive and personal data such as names, credit card numbers, date of births and passport numbers.

Both small and medium businesses have been the victim of cyber-attacks and data breaches. It is not only companies who suffer. People are vulnerable too. Hackers could send you malicious viruses or use…


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12 Reasons Why Plantronics Office Headsets Take Your Business Communication At New Level?

Choosing a headset for leisure and choosing one for business purposes are two very different decisions. When you are choosing a headset to use at work, it has to be a serious decision based on important factors including sound quality and reception caliber. Plantronics is a reputed brand that has been producing high quality headsets for official usage. There is no doubt that…


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What is Secure Terminal Phones? Why We Use These Devices?

Some conversations cannot be made public. For instance, the telephonic conversation that takes place between government officials or the forces of a country need to be prevented from any kind of malicious intervention. In other words, these calls cannot be conducted until a secure infrastructure is there. This is the purpose that has to be achieved through Secure Terminal Equipment (STE) comes into…


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No Jabra , No Sennheiser Only Plantronics is Best Choice for Business class

The world has evolved into a global village and in order to progress in business it is necessary to have audio devices which are highly functioning and ensure that the communications are carried out effectively and efficiently. With the passage of time the electronic devices are also getting better in quality and headsets available nowadays are very sophisticated assuring the users that the business communication will be achieved with complete efficiency. The headsets are…


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Plantronics CS510: Why It is Super Wireless Headset For Office Use

Selecting a headset for personal purposes is very different from selecting one for work. At work, the performance of an employee is affected both negatively and positively by the standard of headset used. For instance, a customer support professional would not be able to hear the customer and respond to his problem if his headset does not offer high standard sound quality. Similarly, if a hearing device is heavy and hard to wear, an employee would get irritated and his…


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3 Top Recommended Avaya Wireless Headsets

Avaya is one of the top companies dealing in business phones. To get optimum performance out of this phone, you need to be sure that you have a state of the art headset to support it. Plantronics is one of the few well-known companies that produce high standard headsets for Avaya phones. The company has exclusive headsets that work perfectly with Avaya phones. Here are 3 of the best Avaya wireless…


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Which Are the Best Phone Headsets For Avaya Phones?

Buying a high quality phone simply means that you need to spend hard earned money on it. To enjoy crystal clear communication, you need to ensure that you have a quality headset along with a good phone. Plantronics has been producing state of the art headsets for Avaya phones. Users who purchase an Avaya phone should make sure that they have a suitable Plantronics headset along with it. If…


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Jabra Vs Plantronics: Why i love Plantronics headsets

If you are looking for a company that produces high quality headsets, Jabra and Plantronics are two options that are ranked the highest. Both companies have state of the art options for both wired and wireless headsets. Customers make their selection according to their preferences. For instance, some official going professionals have the opinion that Plantronics devices are lighter in terms of weight and more comfortable than Jabra devices.  However, both brands have their…


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Business Class Headsets:Journey From. Audio 920 To Voyager Legend UC B235

Plantronics the prominent Bluetooth headset manufacturer in the audio communication industry, who has been delivering the premium sound quality with its stylish and most comfortable products. Long ago Plantronics launched.Audio 920 Bluetooth headset, which gained lots of recognition and was no doubt was one of the best blue headsets in the market. But the market for Bluetooth headset is changing and soon after its distribution, the demand for new features started. In…


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The 5 Best Business Headsets To Buy From Headsetzone

Headsets have become a necessary part of everyone’s life no matter what profession or field they belong to. In addition to that headsets have also become a style statement for people and they prefer buying headsets which work efficiently as well as look stylish. The headsets nowadays are also available in stylish designs and a variety of color rangers which successfully satisfy the aesthetics of the users and make them look cool and stylish in addition to aiding them in…


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Best Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets to Buy in 2017

Bluetooth earpieces come in many plans, shapes and size. Many individuals settled on their purchasing choice in light of solace and advantageous to utilize. This is likewise the fundamental motivation behind why Plantronics 975 Bluetooth Earpiece turns into a hot offering thing among different headsets.…


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10 Key Tactics The Pros Use For Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds are becoming necessity rather than accessories nowadays. Earbuds are small listening device with a wad of cotton wrapped at the end of short rod. Earbuds could be wired or wireless. Wireless earbuds are usually connected via Bluetooth with base transmitter device.  

Early on headphones with large size were used by listeners to listen music or for conversations. But as technology grows large size headphones are replaced…


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Plantronics Accessories Buying Guide For Business Class

Plantronics is a known name in providing the users with high quality headsets and accessories since 1961 .The products manufactured by Plantronics are quality assured and their performance makes them highly recommended for users of all types in order to enhance their work related communications as well as entertainment. The headset accessories provided by Plantronics are listed below:

1.      …


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Plantronics: Best Headsets For Home Office

When setting up a home office with another PC, fax machine or maybe even a copier, make certain to pick the correct phone. Your telephone will be an imperative connect to the outside world and chances are you'll be investing a considerable measure of energy in it.

If you've at any point attempted to…


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12 Things To Consider Before Buying Conference Phones

The Nokia E71 has been contrasted with the Blackberry Bold as far as brilliant email applications. Its striking screen, activity pressed camera, and quick web additionally makes it worth considering.


Sadly, the E71 isn't quite a bit of a…


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Take Advantage Of Wireless Earbuds - Read These 10 Tips

Nowadays a headset device has become a vital part of the daily routine of everyone no matter what field or age group they belong to. Whether it’s listening to music, talking on calls or any other entertainment purpose headset devices provide the users with privacy as well as accuracy of listening without disturbing people around you. Headsets are available in a variety of types which include headphones and Earbuds. Both these major categories of headsets have their advantages…


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Top 15 Headset Manufacturers in the World

Rick Burgress, July 13, 2015 has expressed his dilemma as:

“… I’ve come to the conclusion the perfect wireless headset for PC gaming doesn’t exist.

… it was impossible to find one that had it all.

… It seems like manufacturers aren’t in a hurry to produce high-quality wireless headsets for PC gamers.”

The headphone industry is one of the most competitive fields in the audio trade. There are many brands that are at zenith…


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Why Jabra Headsets Are Perfect For VoIP Desk Phones?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) includes the transmission of voice signals over the Internet lines and information systems. VoIP enables clients to put phone calls from pretty much anyplace utilizing a broadband Internet. VoIP calls are set utilizing…


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Which Are The Top 3 Headsets For Home Office Environment

The world has transformed into a global village and frequent transference of information takes place all the time from one location to another. Nowadays modern communication devices have made it conversations through internet possible and people don’t need to travel in order to order to work or carry out important conversations. With the advancement in technology Headsets have become a vital part of all the conversations as they aid the users in obtaining clarity of…


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10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Drink Matcha Tea

Tea is becoming popular because it has so many health benefits. Some experts claim you should drink matcha tea. Others argue for Chinese oolong tea to be the best for your health. However, it might be beneficial to drink both or at least, look at the health benefits of each and decide what you need more.…


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