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5 Tips for Restaurant Owners

Starting your own restaurant is a great way to follow your passions and make a living while enjoying the satisfaction that comes from providing good food. Yet the food service business can be difficult. You can do some things to ensure that your restaurant will be a popular neighborhood hangouts.

Have a good business plan

You know the saying, "A failure to plan is planning to fail." While that's not…


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How to Make Your Workers Feel Appreciated

As a boss, you can’t always control when an employee will leave. If they get an amazing job offer from another company, you might just have to wish them good luck and see them on their way. Many employees quit for other, less pleasant reasons and you do have some control over those factors. A survey of…


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How Online Links Could Shape Your Business’s Future

This is a link. When you click it, it will take you somewhere else on the internet. That is, primarily, what it is for: to help internet users get around. But the humble link does something else, too. It does a job that it never asked for: a job that was created by search engines like the one that we just linked to. And because of this job, the humble online link is vital to the…


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The Top 5 Things NOT to do With Your Home Equity Line of Credit

As you begin to make progress on paying back your mortgage, you’ll start to build what is known as equity in your home. Equity is the amount of value in your home (based on its fair market value) above the amount that you still owe on your mortgage. The equity in your home is good for more than just a benchmark for how well you’re doing with paying off your mortgage, though – you can also use your equity to…


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