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Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Small Business

Email marketing helps businesses connect with their audiences to help promote their brand and increase sales. The purpose of this type of marketing is to acquire new customers, increase sales, enhance customer relationships, and increase awareness about their company or brand. Below we’ve listed the most effective email marketing tips to grow…


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9 Persuasive Advertising Techniques

Companies use advertising as part of their marketing plan to build awareness and ultimately increase sales of their products and services. Persuasive advertising is used to gain…


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Why are Backlinks Important for SEO?

Backlinks have become increasingly important for search engine optimization. Backlinks are when one website links to a second website. Essentially, they are links on another website that directs towards your website. The…


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7 LinkedIn Tips for Increasing Followers

Linkedin is about making connections with people (aka “leads”) you know, or want to know. One of the most valuable goals on LinkedIn is to grow a following. Increasing your following leads to a greater organic reach, meaning more people will be looking at the content you post. Below we have come up with 7 LinkedIn tips…


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How to Write an Effective Press Release and Get it Picked Up

If you want your press release to be read by a journalist, you need to write like one. Remember to keep the press release simple and concise so that the information is easy to find and digest. Always state the most important information first, then follow with the rest.

Writing your press release in the correct format will increase the…


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What is Onsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Onsite search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which businesses optimize their websites to have it rank high in the search results of Google or other search engines to help gain more website…


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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is designed to increase audience engagement through social activity around a specific video. In recent years, you may have noticed the abundance of videos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks and it is no secret that people are more likely to click on a video and watch rather than read a post. In today’s…


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20 Marketing Tips when Launching an App


Launching an app can be very exciting, but also very stressful and confusing. There are a lot of decisions to be made and you need to know that you are making the right one. Marketing your app in the correct way and to the right people can ensure that your app launch is a success.  Here are 20 key marketing tips to help launch your new…


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5 Tips To Help Define Your Target Audience


A target audience is a potential group of consumers or organizations that your business would want to reach with your specific marketing message. Being able to identify and understand your target market is crucial in ensuring that you are creating effective campaigns for your product. Below we have provided five tips to help define your target audience to build your brand and understand how to grow your…


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How to Promote your Blog to Increase Leads

Blogging on a frequent basis is a great way to share your insight, tips, and advice while simultaneously enhancing your inbound marketing tactics. When running a small business it is imperative that you promote your blogs to reach a wider audience, it is also an inexpensive way to drive traffic to your website and draw in potential customers. Below, we have…


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7 Tips for Using Instagram to Grow Your Business

Instagram is one of the most popular and effective social media platforms that businesses utilize to market their brand. If done correctly, Instagram can be a vital resource to help grow your small business. Below we’ve provided seven tips for using Instagram to grow your business.

1. Make Your Page Stand Out

Viewers should be able to differentiate your page from the mass of others within your market. It is important that the content on your page convey the…


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Retail In-Store Event Strategies to Increase Foot Traffic

In recent years e-commerce store sales have been soaring, unfortunately for traditional retail stores, in-store traffic is at an all-time low. Some brick-and-mortar stores like video and music stores are completely wiped out. In-store foot traffic is important to many types of businesses, particularly retail establishments, as higher foot…


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How to Find Your Competitors’ Information for Free

Competition is inevitable in the business world, researching and keeping up with your competitors is an effective strategy for growing your small business. Below we’ve provided key tips and tools you can use to find your competitors’ information for free!

1. Online research tools/apps

  • Spyfu.com – A great…

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Enhancing Engagement and Conversion Rates with Effective “Call-to-Actions”

Known as a CTA, a “Call-to-Action” is a way to compel a viewer to take immediate action. It is a link that connects the viewer to the website’s or ad’s intended action like making a purchase or scheduling an appointment. This is often done through buttons like “Learn More”, “Donate” or “Call Now”. Websites are created for the purpose to draw…


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Enhance your Website with These 6 Key Tactics

The presentation of your website has everything to do with the success of your small business. With the internet being the easiest method used to view and judge businesses, it is imperative that your website tells your story and gives the visitor a positive lasting impression. Below are 6 tactics you can implement to enhance your website and…


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14 of the Best Trade Show Marketing Strategies

Businesses attend trade shows to learn what is happening in their industry, gain brand recognition, generate leads, and sell products. Trade shows are the second most-cited source of new product/service information among small to medium-sized businesses. In order to ensure you receive the best ROI for the trade show, it’s imperative to properly…


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4 Things You Should Never Do When Using Hashtags in Social Media

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#), used within a message on social media sites to identify keywords or a topic of interest. Hashtags help attract new visitors to your social media, which then leads to increased traffic to your website. It’s important to know how to use hashtags since properly categorized …


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How to Create a Marketing Strategy & Marketing Plan for Your Small Business

The success of a small business can be attributed to effective marketing and proper planning. Below, Foley Marketing Advisors has outlined some critical steps you can take when creating a successful marketing strategy & plan for your small business.

Step 1: Conduct Market Audit

It is important to take into account factors…


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Small Business Retail Strategies for Success (Part 3): Marketing & Promotions

There are many factors that contribute to the success of a retail store. In this blog installment I’ll be discussing specific marketing strategies and tactics that could be employed to help build awareness, increase foot traffic and/or repeat business. For the purpose of staying focused, we’re going to assume that the retail store already has a “presence” in it’s geographical…


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Small Business Retail Strategies for Success (Part 2):  Tracking and Monitoring Trends

Many factors influence the market; retailers who do not want to be left behind should carefully monitor trends and develop strategies for responding to and taking advantage of any opportunities they may present.  Because retailers, generally speaking, have a finite geographical limitation, it’s actually easier for them versus E-tailers to conduct routine market research to help their businesses perform better. For instance, it’s important to track…

The local economy.   Pay attention…


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