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How Can a Magento Mobile Assistant help You Grow Your Business?

A whopping 71% of shoppers believe they’ll grab a far better deal online compared to shopping on high street stores. These days, online ecommerce business is growing by leaps and bounds. You…


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7 Best Magento Extensions that You Must Start using Today!

You know what? Total average ecommerce spend per customer over the course of the year is estimated to be $1,800 in the US and 1,600 in the UK. With ever-increasing online ecommerce business, more and more businesses are emerging online with various platforms available out there in the marketplace.

Magento is one from the many reliable platforms out there to build your store on. It is backed up by an army of 315k developers to support your store. Not just that. The reason why Magento…


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How Language Switcher Plugin Can Take Your Business to The Next Level!

Language is how we express everything that we feel, sense, touch and say. After all language is an integral part of everything we do. Our language and communication preferences are what connects us with other like-minded people around us.

“With languages, you are at home…


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How SuiteCRM Mobile Apps Drive Businesses?

tapcrm -suitecrm mobile app

Today, everyone has a mobile phone – the smart one! Think of it for a moment. When was the last time you checked your smartphone? An hour ago? Couple of minutes ago? Or three times in the last 3 minutes? Well, if you walk around a busy corner of your city, you will find people glued to their smartphones without being present in the moment.

Let’s face it. We are all addicted to our smartphones. However, to take it on a…

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5 Reasons Why You Need An Inventory Management System for Magento!


Magento is one from the many popular ecommerce solutions available out there in the market. Most of the giant businesses are using it to sell their amazing product. However, with increasing needs and requirements of businesses, at times, Magento fails to cater certain needs of a business. As your business grows, eventually you will need more advanced tools to manage your store. A…

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5 Advanced Features For Your Odoo Ecommerce Theme

“Looks are deceptive” Well that is the case with all ecommerce website nowadays. Customers visit a website depending upon how attractive it looks. There are various themes available that assist in making the websites look creative. One such is Odoo Store - Odoo is a license-free software looking after the enterprise resource planning using lucrative odoo themes.

Every organization consists…


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Increase Your Magento Store Sales with the Help of Daily Deals & Featured Extensions

Since the outbreak of several online merchants, the competition is stiff day by day. Due to that, the e-business owners have become thoughtful about, how to attract customers to their e-store. And for once, if they get attracted, how to turn them into paying customers is even more difficult.


If in this situation, you have an e-store based on Magento, it proves to be beneficial in many ways. As it provides a lot of customization options and…


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Why Do You Need an Inventory Management Plugin for Dynamics CRM?

In order to make profits out of one’s business and maintain cash flow properly, it is very important to manage inventory in the right way. And as inventory management is an innate part of your business, there is no way you should compromise with it. An ideal inventory management solution is the one that helps you to streamline inventory related tasks and gives you stock updates in real time.


However, the default Dynamics CRM system’s inventory management…


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Magento Mobile App: Increase Sales From Extended Mobile Reach

Over the years, mobile eCommerce has brought a paradigm shift in an online shopping era. This is an aura of tablet and smartphones, where everything is accessed on-the-go or on-the-fly. Today, people shop everything online hence, enjoy online shopping time to the fullest from any nook and corner of the world.


In 2015, around 60% of all time spent on eCommerce store on smartphones. Online stores generated around $40 billion dollars with the help of shopping cart…


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How Do Magento Extensions Help to Boost the ROI of Your Ecommerce Business?

Over the years, Magento has maintained its front running position amongst different open source ecommerce platforms, at least amongst the top ecommerce businesses. There’s no doubt that it is the most powerful platform for building an ecommerce website and a preferred choice amongst different brands. But if you are one of the e-retailers willing to make your business and website more productive, you must make use of Magento extensions. These extensions can be integrated to your store and…


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How does Odoo Report Designer Enhance the Information Reporting System?

It is the MIS reports that help the business owners to evaluate their daily activities. They are able to resolve the problems that arise, make decisions, and track the progress. So, proper reporting on every activity in the e-store becomes inevitable.

But, the pain for every Odoo e-commerce merchant is that they remain stuck with default reports pre-packaged with the software. This software forbids professional look to the reports and customization options. This leads to poor…


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How SugarCRM Survey Plugin can Help You Take Your Business to the Next Level?

How SugarCRM Survey Plugin can Help You Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Business is all about adding “value” to the lives of people around us. If you want to thrive in your business and dominate the marketplace, it is important to find a way to add value to the lives of people in more ways than one.. Without value creation, a business can’t exist.

If you are reading this right now, I’m sure you already have a product to trade for, that adds value to the lives of many. The next question you…

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How to Enhance your Magento Store Product Delivery Process?

UPS’s recent study shows that 59% of respondents prefer online shopping. Therefore, one can say online shopping has a become a favorite activity among avid shoppers. In addition to this, the fast-paced world not just demands unique products but also a swift product delivery. So, having one of the most reckoned Magento based e-store does not suffice.

You also need to provide a customized product delivery option to your customers. Temando conducted a survey and found that nearly 77% of…


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How to Implanting Business Intelligence with Mobile CRM Applications


Mobile Apps have made human life convenient and easy. It is doing the same with businesses. Today, leading brands of the business community are opting for the “smartphone approach - run anywhere, anytime” as their organizational workflow. Moreover, employees and users also find the smartphone approach more useful than old school methods. And why shouldn’t they? After all, nothing makes their jobs easier than commanding tasks on…

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Exploring New Website Possibilities with Odoo themes

When you search “Odoo Latest Version” on the Google, one of the top results you will see says, “Odoo Nightly Builds”. Going further by clicking, you will see a page with the same title. Here, what it says in the very first line is; “Every night, a new set of packages is…


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How Can You Make Sure that Your Surveys Are GDPR Complaint?


While we write this, implementation of giant – GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has already taken place. As we all know; its implementation will have a huge impact on the way in which organizations manage their customers’ personal data.

Today, we will talk about how the organizations that make use of online survey tool can ensure that their surveys are GDPR compliant. We all know that surveys are used for gaining…

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Magento Mobile Inventory System: From Stock Management To Reporting


Today’s world is running on apps, and we see shoppers are always connected with a large number of applications. Apps have transformed the online shopping experiences as well as store level expectations. The remarkable change buyers expect to meet their favorite eCommerce stores. Mobile apps have exceeded the consumers’ expectations by offering diverse inventory systems on mobile. Today, retail inventory management can easily be controlled through apps.



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Top Reasons Why Every Magento Ecommerce Store Must Opt for Mobile App?

With generations, the human skills advances and changes it behavior. This shift leads them ahead to reform everything. The way they live, eat, do their work, spend their time and everything. Shopping too! And the reason for so much of alteration is adaption and improvisation. One of the latest improvisation that is making its way for maximal adaptation shopping via mobile apps.

Online shopping via mobile apps has already reduced more than half of the load from desktops and laptops.…


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Key Advantages of Mobile CRM Software for Higher Sales


Smartphone technology is so victorious that it stays connected to you most of the time. It stays active throughout the time and keeps you engaged. You go inactive when you sleep off, but your phone stays live in the role. This fact is not confined to me, you or your customers or any other business owner. It is the story of almost all of us. So, when smartphones are such an important part of human life, why don’t you capitalize its…

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3 Functionalities That a Magento Admin Mobile App Can Empower You With


The trend is gradually shifting from Ecommerce to Mcommerce. And Google survey shows that it will increase from 50% to over 6 million dollars by 2020. This increase in number of people shopping from their mobile device anytime and anywhere, has raised an awareness among the retailers. They need to change the ways in which they manage their e-stores.

If you are one of them and are having a hard time handling your Magento…

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