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How to Easily Customize Default Reports in Odoo

One of the problems of using a ready made software for ecommerce like Odoo ecommerce is that you are often stuck with default reports that come prepackaged with the software. So be it sales order or purchase order or invoice, you can’t do much with these unless you are an expert in Odoo programming.

Keeping this pain point of Odoo…


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Importance of Data Piping in Creating Surveys

For any business to run smoothly, it is important to conduct research and garner information from potential customers, regulars and consumers. Some of this information is collected before introducing products in the market and some after the products are launched. In any of these scenarios, customer feedback stands of major significance.

Surveys are one…


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Defining the Traits of a Perfect Customer Portal

defining the traits of a perfect customer portal

‘Customer Support’ has undergone a huge transition over the years. From haggling with the customer support executives on the phone to finding all the solutions online, we’ve come a long way. However, not all digital experiences are up to the mark. Not all of them are engaging, user-friendly, and responsive.

To be able to provide the customers with what they’re looking for, it is important to have customer portals. With…

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Tricks that Impress Ecommerce Customers

Gaining your customers' trust is as important as your business credibility. Be it an online store or a brick and mortar store, customers demand care and attention. A smart and intelligent store owner implements several tricks to make the online store a feature-packed one-stop destination for their customers. Though online shopping is more…


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Win Clients and Influence Markets with the Help of a CRM Mobile APP!

win clients and influence markets with the help of a mobile crm app!

Mobile phones and the apps within are our soulmates. We connect with them, they know everything about us and fortunately or unfortunately, they’re an integral part of our world. Not just a part of our personal lives, but also a professional one. Especially, if the job entails traveling. As and when mobile apps gained popularity, businesses of varied sizes embraced them so that they can get competitive advantage over their…

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Simple Tricks to Improve User Experience of your Online Store

Focusing on the cutting edge eCommerce competition, business owners need to earn their place in the hearts of their customers. Offering satisfactory and unforgettable user experience is one such way to leave a powerful impact on the customers encouraging them shop more frequently and stay connected for updates. Try to know them better for implementing the methods that amaze them. Let your customers find your store.

Following are the tricks that help to make the user experience…


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Rocket Fuel for SugarCRM Survey Integration

Montgomery Scott enhanced transporter beam’s capability to transport matter while both or either of the objects is in the warp. Even he needed to know the experience of the transported people using his prototype. In a similar fashion, we have moved past the point that needs a discussion on whether businesses require surveys more often than they actually do. Period.

There are web-based Survey plugins. They offer almost everything you can think of to manage your surveys. Except for the…


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