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How Can Ecommerce Store Owners Create an App Like Amazon and Flipkart?

Every other person we see around us seems to be in a profound relationship with one’s device – especially mobile. Right from connecting with people and playing games to shopping, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in the ways in which technology is used. Talking about ecommerce, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that…


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Product Personalization extension will Help Your Business Grow

The key to ecommerce platform is the flexibility and uniqueness to build the stores impactful. And for that, Magento is the best ever choice to go for! Especially the extensions, those are reliable, scalable and robust in nature, helping online stores gain lot many benefits. In order to improve the store productivity, Magento extensions are integrated to bring in…

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Best Odoo Apps That Can Help Taking Your Business to Another Level

Odoo is considered to be one of the most popular and well-accepted frameworks when it comes to having a successfully running website. And why not? Afterall, it is robust, provides with classy designs and runs without any glitches. But apart from the regular and basic functionalities provided by Odoo, business owners are always looking for modules that can be easily merged with their customer management…


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Some Powerful SEO Tactics to Help Your Magento Ecommerce Store Rank High

Ranking on the first page of Google search engine and taking one of the ten places is quite a challenge. The success of your ecommerce store largely depends on this phenomenon. Sometimes, even ranking on the first page is not enough. You need to be on the number 1 position. In an article title “Google Results Position: How Much Is First Place Really Worth?”…


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The Importance of Skip Logic in Conducting Surveys

When you own and run a business, you would want that every penny you spend on it yields you positive results. One of the best ways to find out about the areas of growth in your business is – conducting surveys. After all, the data received from survey helps you to predict future outcomes of your business. But while creating Surveys, you need to maintain accuracy, ensure completeness and create defined paths…


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A Responsive Product Designer Tool For Magento


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Why Do You Need an Inventory Management Plugin for Dynamics CRM?

In order to make profits out of one’s business and maintain cash flow properly, it is very important to manage inventory in the right way. And as inventory management is an innate part of your business, there is no way you should compromise with it. An ideal inventory management solution is the one that helps you to streamline inventory related tasks and gives you…


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Fantastic Ways to Spice Up Your E-store with an Odoo Theme!

As an ecommerce store owner, when was the last time you did online shopping yourself as a customer? And what was your last pleasant experience of shopping from another store? What appealed to you about that particular ecommerce store? Was it the way products were presented that you liked? Or was it the seamless and user-friendly navigation that made you visit the store again?…


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