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How Magento Deals with Different Level of Your Inventory Management Tasks?


Just imagine, on a hectic day, you are processing a big order. All of a sudden you get a call from your customer who wishes to place an order to you. One of your employees picks up the call and respond to the customer. Due to a bit of load on the Magento based system, he fumbles and even make your customer wait for span while the system software works.

After all the hassles, he confirms the order and promise to meet the…

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Choose Mobile CRM to Get Strategic Advantages for Your Business

CRM Mobile Apps: Transforming the Ways in Which We Do Business!3

Nowadays, everyone is talking about how important it is to go for a mobile solution for your business. The benefits they describe makes you feel like building a mobile app of your own will work not less than a magic wand. But if there is such a buzz in the market, this becomes a fair question to ask. Can mobile really make such a huge difference to the bottom line of your business?

The answer is a resounding…

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What All Can Go Wrong with Drop Shipping Product Deliveries and How to Address It?

Shopping online is a real delight! But only if you get your order on the day you want. And it turns out to be exactly what you wanted. In a good condition, of course. “Hello Ma’am/Sir, we have dispatched your order. But it seems to have lost. We will find it soon or deliver you with a new product soon”. Statements like these sound nightmarish to customers. They feel like they have been conned or something. I am sure you have been through a situation like the one above.…

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3 Strategic Benefits You Can Drive with Dynamics CRM Plugins

Dynamics CRM is one of the first customer relationship management tools. It still holds the legacy of being the most popular CRM. To make this CRM system more comprehensive, there are several many Dynamics CRM Plugins. These plugins better the way Dynamics CRM helps you to manage the relationship between your business and its customers. With it, you can connect with customers, understand their needs and help them out whenever there is a need for it.


These plugins…


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Major Driving Forces of The Next Generation Product Delivery Experience

The market reputations and revenue streams depend more on satisfying customer needs. A stand-out delivery proposition is proving pivotal for both winning and keeping customers. Today, trends revolve around demanding faster and more efficient shipping options with effortless interactions. It is because harder-to-satisfy consumers want to fine-tune how their deliveries happen. They also want to know who gets to deliver their goods. To take the customer experience to a new level, they want to…


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An Australian E-Retailer’s Guide to Finding the Right Shipping Integration!

What does an ideal order fulfillment process look like for an Australian e-retailer? To me, this is what it looks like:

  1. The e-retailer receives an order on call, email or in person
  2. Order gets registered into the ERP or other software (if any)
  3. Customer gets notification about the order
  4. Retailer sends the Order to the warehouse…

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2 Attributes that Make Your Odoo Ecommerce Theme Productive and Engaging


There is a famous quote of Oscar Wilde from a play which says, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated”. And this implies perfectly for an ecommerce store. If you dress up you Odoo Store properly, it can never look excessively ornamented. But the key is, it must be precise and appropriate.

You don’t have to burden up your website with fancy elements or encumber charming designs to make it look attractive and eye catching. You can do it using a dynamically…


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