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How to Overcome the Language Barrier While Selling Online?

Thank God for language! – a well-arranged and well-thought amalgamation of words that totally makes sense (somehow) and is received and understood by people around us. Without it, we would just be a clueless bunch of idiots moving around roving eyes and trying to get the gist of what others are trying to say.

Well, our agonies didn’t quite end there. And of…


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Customize Odoo Backend to Make Your Odoo Store More Productive Than Ever

Milton Glaser is one of the finest graphic designers of all time. He is the one who designed the famous “I Love NY” logo and gave a new image to the city. Yep, the same logo you see with I, a little red heart and NY embossed on t-shirts. Once in a program in the Yale University, he said a beautiful thing about a website design. He said, “There are three responses to a…


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Explore the Organizational Intelligence with Salesforce WordPress Portal


Making good profits out of your business is all about making a good growth. In an overall picture, it may seem like “good growth” is all about selling your products or services more and more. But it is merely just doing that! To make it successful growth, you will have to deliver complete customers satisfaction and earn their loyalty. And not only your customers should be happy, your valuable employees should also be happy and work…

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What Features Does a Magento Mobile App Builder Equip You With?

A few weeks back, I was reading a techno magazine while traveling. Not a techie nerd, but yeah, I love to read them. There was a column that was talking about some tip offs to help business reduce their coding work in developing their mobile app. That started off by saying “save the costings for your mobile application by minimizing the developer’s roles”. Now that generosity of the columnist raised a question in my head. If they really want to spend less on mobile app development, why…


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AppJetty Halloween Special Offer 2018: Make Your E-Store Halloween Ready!

In 2017, there was a record number of celebrants in America as the total number of people celebrating the Halloween was 179 million. Let me share some more amazing information. There was another record of the average spending amount per buyer by $86.13 with a total sales figure of 9.1 billion. The highest selling amount in Halloween season by far. That means, every American is out for shopping and they are spending good. They are buying costume, candy bags, masks and everything for them.…


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How Can Smooth Delivery Experience Help You Earn Customer Loyalty?

It was a shiny summer day of December in Melbourne. Judy had been sick for the past few days. She had no idea that there was a party in her high school, the upcoming Saturday. Nobody told her about it. Scoundrel friends! She had gone to the school on Tuesday and her friends were discussing the dresses they were going to wear at the party. Nichole was planning to come with a teal color dress and a glittery hair band that she bought yesterday. Samantha was planning to don a retro look with…


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