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Retail Portal: The Point of Sale Software

This blog is for business visionaries who have physical shops. You've adequately made a noteworthy walk opening a physical shop in a period where the web business condition is overpowering to such a degree, that you are getting some answers concerning this article on an electronic business store that offers programming to other online business owners. Plainly, you trust in keeping up a tweaked relationship with your customers. Moreover, you appreciate the estimation of eye to eye coordinated…


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Education Portal: The Logistics of Learning and Teaching Made Easy

Formal training shows numerous things. It is basic that those things give quality incentive to our lives. The strategic side of formal training is chaotic, no doubt. Great instructing personnel is hard to dropped by and along these lines schools are frequently understaffed. Understudies are not constantly given much decision about specific classes or class hours. Aside from this, they have no implication of their participation level and this regularly impacts their graduation. The…


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Customer Portal: Making the Help Desk Obsolete

Customers don’t like customer care services. Businesses don’t like losing customers. Here’s a solution for businesses to retain their customers without investing a lot.

The key to catering to your customers is putting yourself in their shoes. You are a customer of a lot of products and services and if you are critical about the service you get, you should be just as critical about the service you provide.

Traditional help desks have gone out of trend and function. Call…


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Customer Portal: The Unique Needs of the Pharma Industry

The pharmaceutical industry ties in very closely with the medical industry. For an industry that deals routinely in drugs of varying…

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5 Must-Have Features in Your SugarCRM WordPress Customer Portal

SugarCRM is a popular name in the CRM industry. For anyone who wants an enterprise solution the first stop in the…

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4 Ways a Customer Portal Becomes a Boon For Support Staff

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Have you tweeted out to the company when you experienced bad service? Have you told about the bad experience to anyone who would listen? Lastly, have you ever gone back to that business? Now think about all the reasons why you were not satisfied with a product or service.

Was it because the product was faulty? Was it because it didn't deliver ahead of time as things usually do? Or was it because you think you deserve a better experience for the…


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A Hosted Portal Solution: Best for your Internal Operations

The most important part of customer support is to provide all the information whenever a customer needs it. The definition of customer support has evolved over time, and it is no longer limited to traditional ideas of service and product industries. It has evolved to a great extent in all kinds of business, that are traditionally not associated with the word ‘business’, like the education industry or banking industry.…


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How a WordPress Client Portal Can Help You with Client Servicing

You have all heard that the client is always right. It means that you have to take care of every interaction with your client, regardless of whether that interaction is via phone calls, your website, email, or in person. If your primary interaction is frictionless, you are more likely to retain them.

These methods of interaction are also slowly getting old. Businesses…


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All About The Why and How of Supplier Management

Managing vendors successfully is the key to success for any business. In this article, we will explore what supplier management and its benefits and the best practices for the same.

Supplier Management:

In simple words, supplier management is maintaining healthy and productive…


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5 Industries that Definitely Need a Web Portal Solution

Web portals work as a gateway. Where this gateway leads, depends on the purpose you want to fulfill.

Imagine an apartment building. A lot of people live there. It is a public area but each house in that apartment is private. You can only enter a house if you have a key to it.…


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Things to Keep In Mind to Maintain A Partnership Program Successfully

First, we need to understand the concept of a partnership program. It’s a business strategy adopted by vendors and business owners in order to create an additional source of income by partnering with each other or more vendors, business consultants, etc. to promote their products or services.

The way your partnership program works depends entirely on your…


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Web Portal and Its Application in 5 Major Industries

When you Google ‘What is a portal?’, it says that it’s a gateway or a door. But it also says that it’s a website or a webpage providing access to other sites.

In other words, it gives a limited amount of access to a specific group of people. The extent and type of access varies from industry to industry.…


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Here's How a Customer Portal Simplifies E-Commerce Operations

For any business, their customers are their top priority. Making sure they get the right information at the right time to convert them into customers is very important. This generally means some of your staff will constantly have to work on client management, doing tasks that are mostly repetitive.…


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Must-Have Features For A Third Party Salesforce Portal Solution

If you are in the business of ecommerce in any capacity, then you probably know that it is important to give access of your CRM to your customers, so that they can manage their wish list, orders, payments, as well as refunds…


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How WordPress Client Portal Can Help Your Business Thrive Exponentially?

What determines the future of your business is the first interaction you have with your client. Either it be via phone, your website, customer portal or in person. If your first interaction with your client is a pleasant one, you are more likely to retain…


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Supplier Management - What, Why, & How

The way an e-commerce business chooses and handles its vendors determines their overall success. In this blog, we are going to take a deeper look into how vendor management can make or break your e-commerce business.…


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How to Grow & Manage a Partnership Program

Let’s first clear the concept of Partnership Program: It’s usually a business strategy adopted by vendors and business owners where they…


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A Customer Portal: Right Solution for Business or Not?

‘Self-service’. The phrase itself means to serve yourself or to help yourself. That’s where the idea of a customer portal comes from. If you are a business that wants to provide 24*7 customer support without extending working hours or without hiring more support executives, then this is the tool you are looking…


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4 Ways a Salesforce Customer Portal in WordPress Winning a Fusion

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is synonymous to the brand Salesforce. It’s the first name that pops up…

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Web Portals: The Best Way to Add Value to Customer Experience

Ever thought about how convenient it is that you can get…

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