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9 App-Builders You can Use Without Programming Experience

1.) This is a cloud-based mobile app builder that you can use to create apps for Android, Windows Phone and IOS.

2.)   BiznessApps: Allows you to create apps for businesses, including many common features such as food ordering, shopping cart, etc.

3.)   TheAppBuilder: You can use its online toolkit and the training provided to build the apps you want.

4.)   Mobile Roadie: This allows you to create manage IOS and android apps.

5.)   Good Barber: This…


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Top Tips for UX Researchers

Are you a UX researcher who want to improve your results? Below are top tips for UX researchers.

Things to Consider Before the Test

-       Team diversity is crucial. Not just in terms of ethnics, but also in terms of background, academics, and career. A more diverse team means that more problems can be spotted, more solutions reached. A diverse team is also effective in seeing things from new and different ways.

-       Don't neglect relationship…


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Follow These people For Inspiration in UX

Whether you are a beginner interested in the user experience field or a knowledgeable UX researcher/designer looking for inspiration, below are people you should follow for inspiration and motivation.  

For the UX Researchers

-       Jared Cole: He is a Design Director at Adaptive Path, and have worked with many famous identities including Nike, Goldman Sachs, Motorola, Boston Ballet and Harvard Business School.…


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Usability Testing


Usability is how easy is it for someone to use a product. Website usability is important because it can determine whether someone would use your site or not. Like how UX research is important to any part of the user experience design process, research is also crucial for website usability.


3 Main Categories of …


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Two Must-Read Books for Businesses

 “Build to Last”, “Good to Great.” These are two goals that businesses seek after, hoping to build a legacy that last, to transform a good company into a great company. They are also the titles of two books written by James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras. Business books are never meant to become a gospel, something a business completely depends on, but these two books are definitely an interesting and motivating read for many businesses. In these two books, the authors listed out 10…


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Usability is an important part of user experience that businesses should not neglect. In a time when people value efficiency above all else, usability is a huge factor that decides whether people want to use a certain product or not. Below are 5 factors that affect usability.



Learnability is how easily a user is…


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The Value of College Education To Me

With the rising tuition and examples of famous people who dropped out of college, people are beginning to argue that college might not necessarily be the only way to success. I completely agree; however, I want to offer my own opinion and experience with a college education.

Recently, I saw a man wearing a shirt with a danger sign that read “Educated Black Man”, and down below “Armed with Knowledge.” I was struck by these words. This, I thought, is the true purpose of education:…


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3 Terms People Confuse Use Experience With

User experience is an area in which businesses today are becoming increasingly focused on. There isn’t an official definition for user experience, however, and people often confused user experience with other terms. Below are 3 things user experience is not.


User interface

User experience design and user interface design are often placed side-by-side. However, these two terms do not mean the same thing.…


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