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How is a trademark different from a Logo

While often used interchangeably, logos and trademarks are two different things and significantly differ from each other. A trademark can be several things, including (but not necessarily limited) a company logo. On the other hand, a logo is a visual representation of words and/or images…


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What Start-ups need to know about Intellectual Property

According to the latest edition of the World Intellectual Property Organisation Indicators Report, 2017 by the WIPO, China, United States, Japan, and Germany tops the list of the number of intellectual property…


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4 Pressure Points to Incorporate your Business

While businesses are formed out of ideas, you would need to register/incorporate the entity to ensure its proper legal standing. Metaphorically speaking, incorporation is not the end of the story, quite the opposite in fact. There are a few basic things that you need to have the answers to:

  • Who are the target customers for your products and…

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How to pick the right name for your Business

What’s in a Name?

Just like your name, the name of a company stays with it all its life and is the foundation of the business structure. A misalignment in the basic structure is going to affect the personality and character of the company. A name is one that resonates with people. Take Facebook, Google, Amazon. The name is not descriptive, but distinctive.…


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Color Psychology in Branding

According to a survey by KISSmetrics, 93% of the consumers’ purchase decision is based on color and visual appearance of a new product. Color is also said to increase brand recognition by 80%. This makes colors a compelling design…


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5 Legal Issues that Start-ups often Overlook

Do you remember the scene from Silicon Valley, where the founder gets his first investor cheque? That’s a big deal and a huge cause for celebration. But, what happens after that? When the founder goes to the bank and tries to deposit the cheque, the bank coolly informs him that he has no company.

Few entrepreneurs…


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Non-Conventional Trademarks for Start-ups

Did you know that the shape of the Heinz Ketchup bottle is a registered trademark? Similarly, the Lilac colored packaging is a registered trademark of Kraft Foods for its Milka chocolates. These are examples of non-conventional trademarks, which include tangible marks like color, shape and texture, and intangible marks like smell and taste.

Applicability and…


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