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How Can APIs Bring Digital Healthcare Transformation?

Waking up to an early alarm, counting steps on your Fitbit, prepping meals, drawing workout plans through the week; we are hooked to keeping ourselves fit and will go to great lengths to achieve the same. There is no denying the fact that application programming interface or API is the secret recipe behind the curtains.

Right from reminding us to keep hydrated, to delivering medicines at our doorsteps, counting calories before we even eat the cake and managing doctor’s appointments;…


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A Comprehensive Guide to Agile Software Development

With a tremendous change in mobile technology, smartphones and mobile apps are ruling our lives. Calling is not the sole purpose of mobiles anymore. Every small and large business is going mobile by leveraging the…


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Mobile GPS Tracking: A Cost-effective Alternative to GPS Tracking Hardware

A poorly performing fleet is a massive challenge for any business; mainly if it's a part of the logistics and transportation industry because logistics isn't just a business function that they have to manage, it'is their whole and sole business! Being in the transportation…


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Uber’s Business Model Explained: From Start to Finish

What Is Uber’s Business Model? How Uber Works? How Does Uber Make Money? What Is Uber’s Business Strategy? Why Is Uber so Successful?

These are some of the major questions any budding entrepreneur in the on-demand startup space would be curious about, before working on his/her own “Uber for X” business model.

And, rightly…


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Mobile App Development Process – How Does an Idea Become an App?

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we do business at a faster rate than we anticipated. Be it booking a travel ticket or arranging accommodation, ordering food or buying groceries and paying bills, mobile applications help us do the task conveniently and efficiently. Subsequently, the popularity of mobile apps is increasing at a swift pace.

With the number of smartphone users expected to reach …


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How On-demand Business Model Has Become a Successful Strategy for Entrepreneurs?

The on-demand economy is mushrooming and has taken over the conventional business models faster than we thought. The combination of these services with apps has changed our lives in a better way. People no longer need to stand in a queue and wave their hands to stop the bus, Yellow Pages is no longer the only option to find the best restaurants and service…


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Mobile Application Development to Enhance Your Online Food Delivery Business

In the current years, mobile applications have transformed the way of ordering online food for delivery. Food delivery app has made comfortable for people to get a ready-to-eat food at users’ doorsteps. They don’t even require calling anybody. As someone or a restaurateur in food serving business, your packages’ menu will be constantly on their mobile phones whether they are in the car, home, office or at a party. To evade the hassle of culinary and to match…


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Transforming Transport Industry with On-demand Taxi App Solution

As we look down the top with the lot of development seen by vehicles and their speeds to technology which we holding in our hand everything seems to be changing within the blink of one's eye. But one thing which has majorly changed is waiting for a taxi to go somewhere and now just clicking on your mobile phone screen and then placing your ride wherever and whenever you want.

These changes have not only affected…


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Why Outsourcing Is The Best Way To Grow Your Startup

Growth, expansion, and traction are always top of the mind among the startup founders. In the initial days, small-business owners need the support of outsourcing to manage their business crisis. It also allows the founders' to focus on other core tasks, like building and promoting their product and service. Outsourcing is the right tool for them to drive their business smoothly. If you check the startups all over the world you can see they all outsource…


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The Important Facts of Taxi Dispatch App Like Uber

So, you want to build an app like Uber. Great! That we all know Uber is the most demanding app that creates an impact on the logistics industry. Tech revolution is the key element that influences all the businesses. In the year 2009, when Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick founded Uber, they didn't expect the huge response of people.

After the huge success Uber has…


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What Things to Consider During On-Demand Food Delivery App Development?

The competition in an on-demand delivery market is increasing as companies are offering products and services to customers on-demand in a lesser time. For instance, there are a number of taxi booking app and food delivery apps that serve customers on-demand. On-demand is gaining popularity in the food business as customers are ordering food online as per their convenience. Hence, increasing number of players in the food business are focusing…


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Significance of Owning A Car Rental App Solution in A Car Rental Firm

Car rental companies nowadays are searching for circumstances which can influence them to remain over their rivals in the market. At exhibit,…


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Visitor Check in System Versus Digital Visitor Management

Sometime in the distant past companies that needed to monitor their Visitors settled on a…


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Scope of Android and iOS App Development in the App Market

Mobile applications initially made its essence in the year 2008. While it isn't even 10 years since the…


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Growth of On-demand App Development Era

In the relatively recent past, the following huge thing was applications and advanced mobile phones and the speed and effectiveness they brought…


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How Can Taxi App Development Benefits Your Business?

At present, taxi is one of the most important parts of the transportation system and nearly more than half of the population depend on this mode for their day-to-day transportation. With this increase in people using the taxi as their preferred mode, the demand for taxi service and taxi app…


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Innovation in the Taxi Industry With App development Solutions Like Uber

The taxi booking apps have brought a major revolution in the taxi industry. Customers like to call a cab at their doorstep with few taps on their smartphones. That’s why the traditional taxi services providers are moving towards the mobile-based taxi booking system. The significance of having…


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How A Visitors Management System Works As a Comprehensive Security For A Company?

As indicated by an examination, 65% of individuals pick Apartment Living, in view of the security it gives. A noteworthy piece of our visitor management solution likewise goes towards Apartment Security.

However there are these angles about Security, which continue…


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Why On demand app development is having an High demand in Today's Business?

On demand app solutions is picking up noticeable quality with each passing day, supplanting conventional business. Insights unequivocally recommend that the on-request applications has changed the way companies communicate with their users and has turned into the most inventive term of the…


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Key Factors You Need to Consider While Developing a Taxi App for Your Business

The taxi industry has seen a major shift with the introduction of ‘Uber for X’. Both the new ventures and already established businesses are looking forward to building successful platforms to serve their customers in the best way possible using Uber clone scripts.

The present-day taxi businesses not just provide high-performance, but also service at a reasonable price including seamless rides. Uber app clone has become the core script for…


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