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5 Ways a Small Business Can Profit from 3D Printing

Three-dimensional printing once was an innovative new technology that captured the minds and imaginations of many people. However, it was cost prohibitive to use in industries outside of the manufacturing and high-tech areas.

As is the case with most technologies, however, 3D printing has become increasingly more affordable and commonplace in recent years. This has enabled its applications and possibilities to be explored in many different industries and business…


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How to Avoid Falling into the Abyss of Workaholism

We hear throughout childhood into adult years that hard work pays off. While this is true, sometimes we take on too many obligations and start developing an unhealthy obsession with work. It reaches the point where something as common as work starts having a negative impact on the rest of our life.

But, how can you know if you’ve crossed the line from working hard into workaholism? There are some key differences. While hard workers put in long hours, they still make time to be with…


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6 Ways to Relax After a Hard Day’s Work

After a long and busy day at work, all you want to do is relax. Everyone has their favorite ways to wind down, whether it is hanging out with loved ones or eating a delicious meal. Read on for some ideas on how to relax at the end of your work day.

1. Cook Dinner

After the stress of work and a long commute, the last thing many people want to do is slave away in the…


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How to Simplify Your Marketing Campaigns With Office 365

As cloud computing continues to transform the way businesses operate, more companies are turning to Microsoft Office 365. The latest version of the popular productivity software suite provides companies with a number of benefits.

The cloud-based solution allows workers to function over laptops and mobile devices when they are away from the office yet ensures secure access and file sharing. It also allows for easy data migration, automatic updates, backups, data loss prevention, and…


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4 Tips for Educating Your Employees About Cyber Security

Cyber security is an important concern for any business, especially with the number of high-profile data breaches that have occurred in recent years. Apple, Sony, and Yahoo are just a few of the major companies to suffer breaches, and hackers have even hit government agencies, including the FBI and Homeland Security.

Despite the fact that awareness of cyber security is at an all-time high and companies keep improving their defense precautions, hackers still break into private company…


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5 Tips for Running a Successful Family Business

Family owned businesses are the backbone of our economy. According to statistics, 90 percent of all businesses in the United States are family owned, and these include some of the wealthiest and successful brands in the world.

However, many businesses don’t get passed down to a second generation and the reasons for that are varied, but suffice it to say, not making…


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