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Is Jabra Biz 1500 Series are More Ideal Than Plantronics Supraplus Series

Jabra and Plantronics both are the top companies when you are to be concerned with corded headsets. It is very difficult to answer that which one of it is the best for use. It is more concerned with personal preference and your type of use rather than the price.…


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Is buying corded headsets a better decision than buying Bluetooth headsets?

Is buying corded headsets a better decision than buying Bluetooth headsets? This completely depends on the requirements that each individual user has. It is a fact that wireless headsets have taken over the conventional corded headphones. However, if you view the past, you would figure out that in the past, only corded headsets were used for…


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Why Plantronics Backbeat Fit is good for Sports?

How do you decide that a headset is suitable for sports or not? Can you pick any headset randomly and use it when you are running on the track? A headset used for sports training and physical workouts needs to have specific features. When you are running to lose weight or to train for a professional…


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Jabra Biz series vs. Plantronics H Series Which One is Best?

At present, two companies in the market are the most popular ones when it comes to manufacturing of headsets.They both offer some of the best series of headsets with all the features needed for the use of office or personal use. These two companies are the Jabra and Plantronics headsets. Both the…


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Why Jabra Biz 2400 IP Duo best is ideal for IP desk phones

Jabra is a well-reputed company in the industry of professional headsets. This company has offered a lot of products that are mostly used in the workplaces and call centers all over the world. The Jabra Biz 2400 IP Duo Headset for IP desk phones is a top quality headset that is easy to install and…


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Plantronics voyager Bluetooth headset

When you start searching for wireless headsets on the internet, you would get confused as there are numerous options available. However, if you have the correct priorities, you would be able to choose the correct headset without any kind of problem. Once the factors which you need to hold at the…


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Best Plantronics Bluetooth headsets of 2017

Customers need to check the reputation of the headset brand before they use their hard earned money to make purchases. If you talk about the top-rated headset companies, Plantronics can easily be counted as the best brand. As a headset company, Plantronics is highly experienced and has been producing…


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If you talk about companies that have made a mark in terms of selling quality wireless headsets, you will find Plantronics among the top-rated companies. The company has been providing quality headsets for a long time. The CS 510 and CS540 are two of the top-rated wireless headsets. If a comparative analysis is performed, both headsets have their own benefits. Here are…


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The Top 3 Plantronics Wireless Headsets

Buying wireless headsets is a decision that needs to be based on various key factors. One of them is definitely the quality of features that the headset has. Only reputed branded companies have the ability to produce high standard wireless headsets. Plantronics is one of these companies and the user can trust it in a complete…


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Review: Plantronics Blackwire c320-M USB Headset

Are you looking for something for your wireless communications and you are not able to get something that could really be an amazing and innovative product to serve your purpose. Then why are you roaming here and there? The best of a headset has arrived in the market.

The new headset out in the market…


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Top 13 Office Headsets


An electronic company produces the devices for communication. It came into being on 18 May 1961. Electronic is the branch of science that deals with the controlling of electrical energy. Electronic play a vital role in this process of…


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Top 15 Bluetooth Headsets by Plantronics

Plantronics is a well-known name in providing high-quality headsets to users belonging to any field of life since 1961.The best Bluetooth headsets by Plantronics are:

  1. Voyager 8200 UC

These amazing Bluetooth wireless…


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Plantronics Best Headsets for PC and Laptops

Have you been looking for a headset that would work well with your PC or laptop? Plantronics is a dependable brand that offers numerous options to the user for headsets that work well with PCs and laptops. As a company, Plantronics offers reliable headsets that work well with computers that have different sets of configurations. If…


Added by Vivian Smith on October 24, 2017 at 7:32pm — 1 Comment

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