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How to Submit a Press Release to Websites

There are two distinctly different areas that accept press releases: media outlets and press release websites. Often, businesses submit to both to increase the visibility and searchability of the content, and is a good rule of thumb for marketing.

Just like everything else, there are some benefits and drawbacks for using these type of sites. One of the major disadvantages is that the press don't troll these sites for story ideas.

If you're expecting your story to be picked…


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8 Problems with Email Marketing

Look at it this way: these are issues that are preventing your email marketing campaign from becoming the best that it can be. These are problems, that you can’t rightfully ignore, that are holding you back from generating leads, sales and conversions.

And if you do neglect addressing and fixing these problems, then you’ll surely fall into email obscurity.

1. Software

Free doesn’t always mean…


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4 Overlooked Basics to Get People to Follow You on Twitter

When it comes to social media – especially that on-going conversation also known as Twitter – many people think that there's some super-secret way to get people to follow you. But, what's really going on is that people are forgetting that the most basic, the most simple tricks are the ones that actually work.

So, whether you're new to Twitter or need a refresher course, here are the 4 overlooked basics to get people to follow you.

Link to Twitter



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How to Create an Autoresponder

First you need to figure out what different types of autoresponders you need.

• A “welcome” autoresponder to any person that signs up for your email, fax, SMS and social media pages. Also, welcome autoresponders is a great tool for any new customer creating an account online or in person.

• “Gentle reminder” autoresponders pokes your wayward customers nicely while reminding them…


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How to Create Winning Email Campaigns

Though a catch phrase favored by the erstwhile Charlie Sheen, “winning” is actually a fantastic way to create an email campaign.

But, what is a winning email campaign?

The best way to look at it is that winning is akin to achieving. So, to create winning email campaigns is to focus on what your goals are. Meaning, what do you want to get out of your email campaign in the first place?



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Real Life Do’s and Don’ts Straight from Your Inbox: Sales / Promotion Emails

Sometimes the best place to learn about how to improve your email marketing campaign is right in your email.

Victoria’s Secret: the Good

  • Frequency / Timing: Seriously, I don’t need a watch because I know exactly what time it is when I see my daily VS email. Predictability is one of…

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