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5 Things You Can Do To Grow Your Small Business Fast

Running a business is never easy; it entails a lot of dedication, sleepless nights and personal financial sacrifice. Also, any business owner will tell you that in the world of entrepreneurship, there is nothing like overnight success, and that there is no guaranteed recipe for business success.

However, there are a lot of techniques and strategies that can help small businesses achieve their milestones and growth projections. We share some of these techniques in this…


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How to survive your first five years in Business

If you are thinking of leaving your job and going into business, there are a few things you should know. According to statistics, only 75% of new businesses survive their first year and only 50% make it past five years. 

But this 50% chance of making it past five years should not deter you from actualizing your dream…


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Becoming a Domain Name Flipper: 5 Important Tips

The internet is reminiscent of the Industrial Age, ushering in its avalanche of unique opportunities. created a new genre of companies employing millions, making sincere social impact, and having huge economic significance. The boom may be over, but the effects remain with us. 

The potential for making money on the internet remains almost immeasurable. Startups and unicorns make all the headlines, but there are numerous opportunities for anyone willing to learn and put in the needed…


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Do You Know If You Are a Leader or Manager?

In the world we operate in today, management and leadership are often used as interchangeable terms. In many situations, it may be true that leaders spend time managing people and coordinating operational functions. It may also be true that managers are there to inspire and develop passion in individuals under them. Some leaders will get more involved in business structures than others.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, gets quite involved in the supply chain, whereas Steve Jobs never…


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Top 5 WordPress plugins to create the perfect ecommerce website

If your plan is to create your very own ecommerce website this year, you will want to know which is the best WordPress ecommerce plugin to use.

There are dozens of WordPress ecommerce plugins in the market, but not all of them will have what you need for your ecommerce website.

Some ecommerce plugins are perfect for selling a combination…


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13 Expert Tips on Cybersecurity for Online Businesses in 2019

Cyber-attacks on online businesses are now a common occurrence. This single threat is responsible for data breaches amounting to massive amounts of money annually.

In 2018, more than a billion people around the world had their personal data leaked due to cyber-attacks. Some…


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15 Important Tools for Effective Digital PR

The Public Relations Industry is rapidly evolving from traditional methods to an improved form, thanks to technology. Digital PR is now being embraced by businesses to leverage the wider reach of the internet. This involves making use of online content marketing, social media, blogs, vlogs, and…


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How Small Business Owners Can Successfully Prepare For Retirement

Small business owners juggle many activities daily such as serving customers, meeting deadlines, preparing payroll, attending to unexpected issues that frequently arise, among other tasks. With such a hectic schedule that always holds their full attention, it's difficult to focus on a future that looks aeons away.…


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