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5 Tips To Maximize Your Facebook Marketing Efforts

If you are working on building your Facebook audience and generating more engagement on your Facebook page, then these simple tips will help you to maximize your results.

1. Make Regular Posts – It may seem so obvious, but making daily posts to your Facebook account is often neglected due to time restraints or a perceived lack of good information to…


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Positive Influences Can Make All the Difference

I wrote this article awhile back, but it still rings true so I thought I'd share. Hope you enjoy!

We all face challenges in our lives, be it at work, home, with friends, or just dealing with the public. Each day we are handed new struggles. Often these struggles can be difficult or overwhelming, especially if our support system is broken. Not having someone to talk to about life's little hiccups can make those times even harder to bear. We feel isolated and…


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Social Media Stats To Start 2012

Still on the fence about whether your business should be active on the Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more? Perhaps you don’t see the value or maybe it still seems like “just a fad” to you.

Well, here is a little reality jolt for you from around the web...…


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Free Small Business Tools – MeetingBurner

Free Online Meetings For Up To 15 Attendees


Are you looking for a great collaboration tool that gives you many of the features of the big names like WEBEX and GOTOMEETING but without the high cost? How about a FREE FOREVER online meeting tool that let’s you collaborate in real time with up to 15 people and is NOT ad supported?

Have we got the tool for you!…


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What Customers Really Want

A business utilizes a number of tools to help understand their existing and potential customers. Site analytics, surveys, social influence trackers, customer rating tools and some many more are all part of the package. We test and measure, test and measure, but in the end are we truly learning what our customers really want by using such impersonal tools to do the work…


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Have some great business advice?


Do you have a great piece of advice that would benefit another small business owner? If you are in business I can almost guarantee you have many!

How would you like to share that information with other business owners so that they can learn from your challenges and apply it to their own business? Yes? GREAT!

We are looking for small (under 5 minutes) clips of audio or video related to small business challenges and your…


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Why Blogging Is So Important For Business

One of the items I always recommend to the businesses I work with, especially those who are new or launching a new website, is blogging for the business. But here, like no other place, I am often met with groans about not enough time or a lack of refined writing skills. We get it, blogging to some may seem like just one more thing you have to do in an already busy day, but it…


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