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How to interview for a job as a social worker

So you’ve sent off your application, put in all the work to prepare… and you’ve got an interview for your dream job as a social worker. You might think the worst is behind you now, but you’ve still got to impress your interviewer, whether you’re a newly-qualified social worker, or whether you’re experienced within the field.

With competition for the best jobs tough, here’s what you need to know if you want to…


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Why should you work in Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance might not be the most well-known aspect of any industry, but it’s one of the most important. With more and more regulations coming onto the market to ensure production and consumer safety when it comes to consuming or using the latest inventions, Quality Assurance teams act as a self-regulator, ensuring that Research and Development are following the right guidelines to produce things safely. Indeed, it’s often the last line of defence between these products and the open…


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How can we encourage more women to become engineers?

While strides have been made to see more women in STEM careers in recent years, there still remains a significant gap between men and women working in engineering. With just 9% of the engineering workforce being female, and the UK having the lowest percentage of female engineering professionals in Europe, it’s clear that more needs to be done to ensure women are getting into this…


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How can you start your career in fashion?

The fashion industry is a highly competitive one to get started in. Every year, thousands of interns all vie for the same posts, and then struggle to claim graduate jobs out from under each others’ noses. And it’s no wonder why: it’s an exciting sector to be in, combining innovation, creativity, clothes and passion into one.

So if you want to get started, how can you kickstart your career in the fashion industry? If you’re determined and proactive enough, the sky…


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5 good ways to raise money for charity at work

Giving back to charity isn’t only great for raising morale and having a little fun within your company: it’s also a good way to give back to people and help charities do work in areas that you are passionate about. With hundreds of ways to get involved and raise money- whether in the workplace or out of it- here are some of the best methods for getting your employees engaged and contributing to making a charity event that everybody can get stuck into.



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Why should you work in insurance?

The insurance industry is one of the biggest ones in the UK. Spanning a huge range of disciplines, from liability, which covers people in case of bodily injury, or property damage, to personal injury, or even business insurance, which protects you against cases like fraud, insurance is often required by law: for your and others’ safety. If not, it provides peace of mind in case of potentially expensive disaster in every part of your life.

The insurance market is healthy, and growing,…


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Here’s why you should work in the video gaming industry

Gaming doesn’t have to be a hobby. For many people, pursuing a job in the video gaming industry seems like a far-off idea, and one that can be passed over in pursuit of other careers. However, working in the video gaming industry can not only be fun and interesting, but deeply rewarding, giving you the chance to build experience, make a success of your game and work with some truly cutting edge software on projects that could potentially be shared and enjoyed worldwide.

Here’s why you…


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What is a health and safety policy- and how do you write one?

Making sure you’re health and safety compliant makes up a major part of any company’s duties. If you want to ensure that your staff remain safe in the workplace, make sure they know what to do if something serious happens, and be legally compliant, then you need to give some thought as to how to inform them about what your company policies are and which instructions to follow in case of emergency.

The easiest way to do this is to write a Health and Safety policy: indeed, if you employ…


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Why is company culture so important?

In the modern workforce where employees care as much about the work they're doing and the environment they're doing it in as they do their salary, it's no surprise that the global focus on company culture is on the rise. With 19% of new hires citing a dislike of the company's culture when they leave their new job, according to Korn Ferry, it's clear the organisations need to provide a positive, welcoming workplace for all staff members in order to keep employees happy and…


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Diversity in the C-suite: how can we encourage a more diverse boardroom?

How common is diversity at executive level? In large, corporate boardrooms across the world, seeing a woman, or a person of colour, making decisions and giving orders is a depressingly rare sight- a recent survey undertaken by the Guardian showed that the overall percentage of women on boards was around 22%, and when they were it was often in a non-executive role;…


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How to ask for a promotion

When it comes to nerve-wracking experiences, asking your manager for a promotion must be considered one of the most daunting. No matter how prepared you are, and indeed how qualified you are to receive the step-up in your career, it can still be a scary task to ask. So how can you beat your nerves and successfully ask your employer for a promotion? Here are our top tips:

Prepare your case

Just like with an initial job interview, preparation is key when it comes to…


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Skills and experience you need to become a web developer

Web development can be an incredible creative, lucrative and ultimately rewarding career path. In order to rise through the ranks and make a name for yourself as a web developer, you’ll need to master a mix of hard and soft skills. Here are some of the key skills you’ll need to make it to the top:

HTML prowess

HTML knowledge is essential for almost anyone who wants to work in tech, and it’s vital for those looking to launch their web development careers. According to…


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Why should you hire a contractor?

Keeping a business running smoothly is a challenge for any director or manager. How do you ensure that your employees are working efficiently, or being productive? How do you smooth over trouble in the office with a minimum of fuss? And, most importantly, what do you do when you realise that you’ve got more work than you have staff to complete?

Enter the contractor. Contracting staff has long been a popular method of outsourcing work, and more companies are starting to see this as a…


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Masculinity and mental health

Mental health. It’s something that people rarely talk about, and sometimes it’s hard not to feel that there is somewhat of a taboo, making it hard for people to open up.

For men, it can be even worse. Society has advanced a staggering amount in as little time as fifty years: there have been leaps in medicine, the standard of living, and in education. More and more women are coming into the workplace, and the image of men as the breadwinners, or the head of the family, is becoming ever…


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