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Difference between a Bug, Defect, and Issue

Have you ever wondered about the difference in bugs, issues, and defects? Do you think they all are the same? If not, then how do you differentiate them? Well, this is what we are about to talk about in this blog. Let’s define them and then see how they are different and why they should be kept separate. 

Is your Software App Performing as it is Expected to?



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Artificial Intelligence for Producing Quality Banking Apps

Gartner states that each software product will have AI technologies by 2020. We know how artificial intelligence (AI) has taken over the software testing processes. It becomes even complex for industries to cope up with the disruptions caused due to digital transformations. Software testing has evolved from manual testing to automation testing. Due to the current market scenario and the increasing complexity of software products, the software development teams…


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Big Data Is Transforming Property Market For The Better

Big Data implementation is the latest trend in the property market. In an industry that is brimming with data that needs standardized means of data collection and analysis, Big Data and its implementations seem to be fixed right in. Big Data analytics is the process of gathering structured and unstructured data in huge chunks and analyzing that for better decision making, event prediction and data forecasting. When combined with Proptech, Big Data applications possess endless opportunities…


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5 Cloud Security Testing Steps for Startups

Startups have a small budget which limits their ability to invest in testing. On the other hand, their popularity is low, making them less vulnerable to attacks from hackers, who usually go after larger platforms. Startups lack experience and help from experts can only be beneficial. Yet, they are utilizing their meager resources to the maximum, to have any spare time for extensive testing. These arguments can be used to make a case for or against investment…


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5 Best Practices for Effective Responsive Testing

In the current digital era, IoT devices have taken back the industry and are widely used to access the internet and optimized for business purposes. Organizations are developing web-based and mobile-based apps for customer convenience. However, not all websites are optimized for mobile devices and they should be. Software testing companies work with…


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IoT And Proptech – Redefining Our Interactions With Property

Technology has disrupted many industries for the better, and real estate is no exception. We live in an era where simple day-to-day tasks like searching for an apartment for sale, looking for a villa for rent or even visiting a house up for sale, all because of modern technology. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Big Data, companies all over the globe are investing billions in modern technologies to redefine how the real…


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Ways To Ensure Mobile Banking Apps Are Tested Thoroughly

A thoroughly tested application doesn't bother its users with bugs, glitches and performance issues. Therefore, a mobile application testing company invests its time and money in extensive app testing efforts. To improve customer experience and retain them, testers test mobile banking apps rigorously. It also reduces the costs of fixing bugs and maintenance before the software launch.



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Importance of Automation Testing in The World of DevOps

Over the passage of time, all stages of software development have with a special focus on delivery speed. We all know that DevOps is a set of practices that automate software development and IT operations. DevOps makes building, testing, and delivering reliable software faster. It has the ability to resolve critical problems quickly, allow faster…


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Measuring Software Quality by Using Defect Tracking Tools

Quality assurance testers measure software quality during software development lifecycle. They also aim to track bugs at the very early stages of the project in order to remove them. Most of the QA experts believe that early defect tracking aids testers and developers in communicating effectively and cutting down on costs as well. There are a number…


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How to Be a Good Landlord for Your Tenants?

The relationship between a landlord and its tenant is very unique. So, it should be maintained professionally without having any personal feelings in the way. To build a harmony between yourself and your tenant is major milestone in this relationship. You should know that being a landlord, there are additional responsibilities on you.

If you want an ongoing and steady source of income through your tenants as a rent, you have to give them margin on some points. As, each time you lose…


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The Need for Requirement analysis Process for Software Testing

Every software project arises out of a business problem. The requirements analysis procedure aims to look for the business problem to be understood and possible characteristic a software product requires as a reply for the business problem. Requirements analysis is the formation on which software is created.

Dealing and collecting requirement…


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Top 10 Defect Management Tools For 2019

Defect management tools play an imperative role in the software development process and the software testers heavily depend on it. Testers evaluate various defect management tools to select the right one for their team.

To make your life easier, we are presenting you the list of ten…


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Why Automated Testing? Why is Important for a startup?

Started a startup of your own? Congratulations. Hope you attract all the success you can. However, there would be a few aspects you’d have to keep in mind. You need proper budgeting in mind to manage your finances carefully. Even if it includes building an IT product, you’d need to look into how you plan on creating it and in what ways you can work…


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Top 5 Software Testing Tools You Must Consider for Your Startup Businesses In 2019

Even though development is the most critical phase for software startups, think of a tool or an app with various errors being introduced to the end-users. Being a startup, you should take care of not permitting any defects or errors harm your brand image. Automated and manual testing help to improve your web and desktop apps, both have their pros and cons.

In this article, I will tell you regarding…


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Emerging Technologies for Businesses: Things to Look Forward in the Future

Businesses are realizing the fact that without the adoption of technology, they might face packing up in the future. Automating tasks and improving business processes are some of the reasons behind adoption. For instance, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality and Internet of Things have already impacted businesses from retail to manufacturing…


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4 Tools to Help You Develop Progressive Web App

Whether you are an entrepreneur, online retailer or service provider, you know how hassling it is to hire Product Engineering services to develop a mobile app or progressive web app. You might know how difficult it is to collaborate with the developers and make them…


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5 Steps to Follow after MVP Fails

The journey of a startup begins as soon as the idea stuck in mind. No matter, whether the idea is about developing a mobile app or software solution, your next step is to brainstorm it and find out whether it will be successful or not.

It is worthwhile to mention that 9 out of 10 startups fail. It is a spine-chilling fact that holds many individuals from pursuing their dream. As…


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9 Early Warning Signs of Startup Failure

90% of startups fail is a spine-chilling fact for many while for others they may fall in the list of 10%. As a startup, you have to go through various stages of trial and error. Sometimes you feel everything is going smooth, while sometimes you think it is never going to work.

American marketing firm “Factl” in a recent examination of 200 failed startups cited…


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5 Tips to Create a Perfect Hashtag for Your Event

Events are held all around the year and distinguishing your event is almost impossible in the world full of buzz. The hashtag is known to everyone – if you don’t either you are living in a stone age or just away from technology and social media.

Event hashtag is a powerful tool to centralize your discussion online on one platform. Without people struggling hard…


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5 Steps to Create Brand Consistency & Why it Matters

Brand consistency is the key to boost your company’s value and in the age of ever-changing technology, the ideas can go from concept to completion quickly. Creating blogs, writing eBooks and designing a customer-oriented website is rapid, but does it really harmonizes with the brand identity.

Let it put it in this way:

Have you ever watched a TV commercial…


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