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How Live Streaming Apps Are Useful For Brands?


Live video streaming is fast becoming a viable marketing strategy for brands. As multimedia content is essential for modern branding lets take a look at how the live streaming apps are useful for brands.

Host Q&A Session


Companies can have a fixed time per week on a social live streaming…


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Factors That Reveal Instant Chat App Have Tipped Over Social Media Apps

The fast-evolving technology has brought a huge change in the way people communicate. The digital age brought the way of communication in carrier text messages and then moved to social media apps. And now for communication, the reliable social media apps are being tipped over by the instant chat apps.

The increase in the number of social chat apps has brought a great change in the demographics of social networking site…


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5 Essentials On E-commerce Website script For Successful Online Shopping Business


The competition in the e-commerce market is so intense and so you got to be very clear with your brand strategy. With e-commerce giants acquiring most of the market this doesn’t mean your app will go unnoticed. A user will adjudge your app in just a few seconds so within that time you should impress them.


So while building your online…


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Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Online Shopping Cart Software

The steady growth in the popularity of e-commerce over a past decade has made many aspiring entrepreneurs incline towards this online business. So if you are about to sell a product or to list a service, an E-commerce website is crucial for it to capitalize on this explosive online sales growth environment.

The easy access to technology has brought a plethora of options to choose from. But how do you know you are choosing the right one?. This post could well guide you for it with… Continue

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Users' Anticipating Attributes On A Rental Booking App


Either you are owning an online rental booking platform for booking the house rentals or rentals in a specific destination or being a travel guide for the vacationers. You will exactly need an advanced online booking portal to garner the customers.


Are asking why?. Holiday rental scripts allow customers to reserve the rental services…


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5 Best Business ideas With Live Streaming Apps


Have you ever tried live stream? Have you ever felt any moment worth and thrived to share with your lovable one? When you are about to meet the old group of buddies isn’t it worth sharing their expressions on their face to your friend's network to cherish for lifetime?. The present live streaming script has got covered up all these needs at best.


But this post reveals the best possible ways to generate revenue from the live streaming business.



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How A Workplace Chat App Can Keep Your Team In Sync?


Communication is the key aspect of any organization. Be it a low-level knowledge transfer or a message circulated from the management authority it should reach the right personals then and there. It requires some common communication medium.


Emails are meant to do that work, but recently it is rendered to be ineffective due to the many…


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2019 OTT trends in live streaming

If you haven’t yet noticed, streaming platforms like Netflix have strated to position themselves as the dominant impact leading into the next era of visual entertainment. And while anyone who have seen the transition over the last five years knows that streaming video has already been leviating at a lightning pace. According to a recent research, usage of streaming video service providers over the next five years is set to…


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5 Best Classified Marketplace For Buying/Selling Crafts/Handmade Goods

Recently, homemade products or handcrafted goods have turned from a part-time/side business into the full-fledged business. The top players in the online classifieds business industry are the best market to sell those products, for ones who are making those.

So let's see about 5 best marketplaces for buying and selling crafts and handmade goods.

Today's development in technology has brought plethora…


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What to sell online? Strategies to find best products in 2019

One of the biggest struggle online store business owners face is finding or picking the right products for their online store that sells. Coming with great products is admittedly tricky. Finding a selling product people want can leave even the most online shop owners stuck in analysis paralysis. It often feels like everything you could possibly sell is already being sold. And those products market competition!

Fortunately, there are many opportunities by which you can find the right…


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5 great ways to use live streaming to grow your business


Have you ever thought of telling your brand’s story using live streaming?


Real-time content drives your audience crazy and builds more trust than any other form of media - report.


It seems a wise move to live stream but most importantly try to plan your content before you go live. Live streaming is being one among a rapidly growing audience capturing mode in the past few years. Grab this highly engaging social form of attraction with 6 great ways to…


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5 Benefits Of Using Instant Messenger Apps In Your Workplace


Workplace communication works as the fuel for a business’s growth. Many companies have been using Skype, Slack or any other form of application to keep their employees and colleagues up to date about the organization’s performance and other news as well.


The main reason businesses feel this type of instant messengers beneficial is because they have unrestricted…


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Reasons Entrepreneurs Preferring Multi Vendor Marketplace App

Marketplace app is a platform for multiple individual vendors to sell their respective user demand meeting products. So further down let's see what is there in this multivendor marketplace app which is making entrepreneurs to prefer this business.


Meeting user demands


#Fashion and #Trend is evolving from time to time and these #tags aren’t going to go…


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Best Dating App Script To Build An Effective Match Finding Platform

Online dating apps are next level socially user connecting platform according to the user preference. It generates numerous matching profiles according to the user likings and interests. So online users are fast gelling with the online dating applications. Among all online apps, recently dating apps are having the huge user base. And so it has become a good revenue generating online business. So if you want to make huge money in no time then opt for Appkodes’s…


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Build An Efficient Video Streaming App Using Video Streaming Clone Script

Video streaming apps are providing its user an equal space for education, fun, and entertainment. The reason behind the huge user base on every video streaming apps is it is letting its users watch the live programs on their mobile phones and also the on-demand online videos at their preferred time. Also, it is letting its users live and broadcast the videos to their followers. So if you wish to do the same but on unique way opt…


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Build a Video Content App Using Live Broadcasting Script And Earn More

The channels on television are broadcasting many intriguing events/programs based on user likings and garnering high views. And if viewers miss any of their programs, many channels have started their own video streaming app there users can watch those videos. With number of users preferring to watch programs and events…


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5 Things to keep in mind while Creating an E-commerce Store

In today’s modern era new online shopping has become part of business. So we need to take care while we build an e-commerce store. Following are some of the points to be kept in mind while we build an e-commerce store:

1. Selecting a product

2. Make a business plan

3. Define your maketing budget

4. Focus on UI/UX

5. Social…


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Best Multi Vendor B2B Ecommerce Marketplace For Ecommerce business

There are many marketplace apps prevail on market. An user frequently purchasing products on online may come up with many names as his preferred brands or stores. The demands of users is the reason behind the rapid rise in the number of ecommerce marketplace apps. Users are preferring a shopping app where they could get more options than an online shopping app with less number of options. So developing a multi vendor online store can…


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Best Among Lot Video Streaming Clone Script For Live Streaming Business

Mobile phones aren’t a miscellaneous one in day to day life. But it has been made as one because of many social media apps and mainly video streaming apps. These apps contains many intriguing features on it for liking of its users. So it has emerged and it is getting well accepted by its…


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Safe And Effective B2B Ecommerce Marketplace Script For Online Business

Usually every online websites have a significant number of users on it, on that list ecommerce websites have became a miscellaneous one for online community. Multi vendor Ecommerce websites are nothing less than a virtual shopping mall, where an user on it can view/search and buy products of his need from multiple vendors. More importantly it is letting its users to discover their needs with many advanced options just on their mobile screen, without any physical efforts. Though many online…


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