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How to Improve Your Internet Speed

When your internet speed is slow, you start blaming the game. But it is important to find out the root cause behind that. Today, we are here with a list of solutions which you can apply to achieve an ideal internet set up rendering high-speed data.

Here’s how you can increase the internet speed:

Choose The Mobile Operator Wisely

There is a smart way of doing that. Find out the mobile service provider…


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An HDMI Cable: Most Essential Tool for Your TV Setup

The purpose of technology is to make your life simpler. But if you have gone to buy a new TV or a streaming box in the past couple of years, you know that there is nothing simple about it. If you look at the features and specifications, you will see a lot of phrases, which seem to be self-explanatory but are definitely not.

Let’s attempt to figure out the multiple devices that are available and navigate how to get the most of them, what cables to…


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How to Choose the Correct Audio Cable Splitter for Headphones?

Audio cable splitters are saviors when more than one people want to see the same movie from a phone or want to listen to the same song. With the advancements in the technological world, there was a high demand for devices that can help people share music with their friends, headphones connected to the same phone or iPod or laptop. This way the audio cable…


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How to Connect Multiple Displays to your Computer System?

In a present scenario, connecting your laptop or desktop with multiple displays is a smart way to make your work easier. This process might look simple. I mean it’s just connecting one thing to another, how hard can it be? Hard enough to make you search all over the internet. It requires the right cables, fine-tuning, proper connections, and much more.

Let’s see how to connect your computer to multiple displays and all the other things you need to…


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Learn Why NEMA Power Cords are Here to Stay

Slowly, but not all together steadily, we are progressing towards a wireless world. Batteries, when they are not exploding, or heating your device, seem to be working well enough. But these batteries also need regular charging. And by regular, I mean, once a day. And with the use of electricity, comes the need to talk about power cords.

You don’t need to be an expert to know that there are multiple …


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All You Need to Know About Power Cord Connectors

A power cord also known as a line cord or main cable which connects an appliance to the main electricity supply through a wall socket or extension cord. They come handy generally when you use them for cables with a power plug to connect with the single-phase altering current power source at the local voltage. They allow electronic gadgets to connect with accessible electrical plugs.

The power links can render either…


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Do not Miss These Things While Installing Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cable plays one of the major roles in the evolution of technology, industrial area, manufacturing processes, and more.

And if you are looking to convert your home, workplace, production unit, etc. into technologically advanced places then installing an ethernet cable network would be the perfect decision.

Here’s why:

IoT And Ethernet Cables

IoT aka the internet of…


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How to Keep Your Outdoor Extension Cords Dry?

The spring is almost here and it’s again that time of the year when we all shall be sitting in our backyards, with a nice cup of coffee, group of friends and dim (yellow) lights till late night!
Today people are going crazy over the trend of yellow/white series lights, bulbs, etc. Because they make…

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HDMI ARC: What is it and Why You Should Care?

If you buy a new TV or soundbar, you might have come across the new label about “ARC” while setting up the HDMI adapters. That indicates one of the best features which saves your money, reduces cable web and makes your set up more simplified.

What Is ARC?

Ever since the HDMI 1.4 was introduced in the market, ARC is available on TVs, soundbars, and other gadgets. It is a protocol which offers two-way communication between devices over a single HDMI…


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Why are RCA Cables Necessary in The Wireless Age?

Wireless headphones, wireless chargers, wireless speakers and a whole bunch of other wireless things are here to stay now. ‘Cutting the cord’ is the trend.

However, certain products are simply not there yet.

If we talk about televisions, even modern day ones that literally roll out of sight, they have to use cables for power, for additional I/O needs, etc.

The new age…


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6 Important Things to Keep In Mind While Buying a Travel Adapter

Did you know that there are around twelve different types of power sockets available around the world?

To our surprise as well, there are! Twelve different types of power sockets needing different types of adapters and what not.

And we have to admit that it’s an unavoidable problem. To get rid of it, an entire community of travel adapter manufacturers sprung up to let frustrated vacationers charge their…


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Cat6A Shielded vs NonShielded: How to Make the Right Choice?

Cat6a cables: an inexpensive solution for 10G cabling. Its design is according to the upgraded design of Cat6 cable. They are capable of supporting data transfer rates up to 10 Gbps at a maximum bandwidth of 500MHz.

With the ever-emerging applications and industrial demands, it is a recommended standard for most of the production units. Moreover, they are backward compatible with Cat6 and Cat5e.

However, the…


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Tips to Run Cables Into An Industrial Computer Enclosure

Plenty of planning goes to build a system that protects computer hardware and any type of peripherals. During the building phase of the industrial computer enclosure, a common question arises by many of the end-users is how to power electronics inside a sealed enclosure. And that too when there is almost no place for the computer cables.



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Power over Ethernet: Things You Should Know About it

The Internet is an ever-growing phenomenon experiencing diversity as well as stable advancements. In the present scenario, you can connect with your loved ones through a quick video call around the world and even when on the flight!
One other such phenomenon is Power of Ethernet (PoE). The main advantage of PoE is speedy delivery of data. It eliminates the need for AC/DC power suppliers…

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All About Multi-Stream Transport You Need to Know

According to a study by Jon Peddie, multi-display systems can increase productivity up to 42 percent for an average person. Ever since the technology of connecting multiple monitors came to existence, it has enabled us to work on multiple documents efficiently and simultaneously. Presently, the demands of working on multiple devices are increasing. Displayport cables, also known as Multi-Stream (MST) makes it possible for you to email,…


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A power cord alternatively known as a power cable provides power to the computer, monitor, printers, and other components. If you spend a few minutes to clean out your console box you are sure to find at least a few cords you no longer use. If they are in working condition, you can donate them to someone. But if they no longer work there are various ways you can recycle them.

And in this article, we are going to talk about the possible ways to recycle power…


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Ethernet Cable Construction: We Bet You Didn't Know About These Things

Ethernet cables are one of the most conventional forms of network cables used for internet networks. They provide a connection within local area networks like routers, switches, and PCs. Generally, they are practically indistinguishable despite their thickness. However, not all the Ethernet cables are the same.

This blog focuses more on the design aspect of Ethernet cables which is taken for…


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USB 3.2 Standard and Everything You Need to Know

USB cables have gone through some revolutionary phases to facilitate data connectivity and transfer. Known as Universal Serial Bus, USB cables came to existence in 1995. Since then they have brought evolution to USB enabled devices. The invention of USB cables transformed the way we use computers and other related products. Because of the huge dent they created in the IT industry, their development process picked up a stable pace.

Starting from USB1.1…


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Know the Right Time to Adopt Fiber Optic Technology

Fiber optic cables are capable of supporting most of the world’s internet telephone system, and cable television. They contain strands of glass fibers inside an insulated case. They support the long distance, high performing data, and telecommunications operations. These cables are capable to provide higher bandwidth which can transfer data over longer distances in a matter of minutes.…

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How To Choose the Right HDMI Cables After Upgrading To 4K HDR TV

HDMI cables are among the important components of a television system especially if you want to utilize the system to its full potential. They connect video source components like set-top boxes, streaming devices, game consoles with TV screens and audio/visual receivers. At present, HDMI standards have evolved over time to transfer and handle high-density (HD) data transfers.

When you decide to upgrade your 1080p HD TV to 4K HDR TV, it takes a lot more effort…


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