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Important Applications of Keystone Jacks in Day-to-Day Life

Keystone jacks can manage your cables in a better way. With keystone jacks, you gain the ability to keep your wires short and even hide them. A…

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A Complete Guide to DB Style Connectors & Cables

Originally known as ‘D-subminiature’ DB style connectors are common UFD connectors or say monitor cables which operate in computing devices, audio/video, and data applications. DB25 and DB9 serial cables are the renowned types of D-sub connectors, used in PCs for serial and parallel ports.

The High-Density DB style is another type of D-sub connector which looks like a regular DB connector. Often called ‘HD’ connectors they have three rows of pins instead of two. HD15 is the most…


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6 Mistakes You Make While Setting Up a Computer System

Remember the time when your father bought the first ever computer in the house? You used to observe him set up the whole system him and imagined yourself setting up the system in the same way. If you are a tech nerd you will surely relate to such situations. Unwrapping the new computer set, reading its user guides, spending hours setting up your systems is what all tech nerds love. Although it’s been never been easy. You can easily screw it up by messing up with your …


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Things to Keep in Mind When Using Power Cords for Workshops

We often overlook the importance of choosing the right kind of power cord for the tools we are using. This might be the post that could save you big bucks and your health as well. Whether you are a tradesman or a weekend fabricator, consider the task of choosing the right extension power cord as important as you check your financial records. Even when you put these cords to their actual use, such as for temporary lighting, you often forget basic safety formalities. Therefore, when you…


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Why Cat 6A Cables Are Considered As Future Proof Products?

Choosing the right Ethernet cable is an essential thing to build up a system which is capable to deliver high speed and most importantly on-time data. To do so, it is advisable to choose the current in trend Ethernet products that is Cat 6A cables. These are the high-tech cables with advanced performance standards for twisted pair cable systems. Although, Cat5e and Cat6 Ethernet cables are still in use for installations as they cost less than the Cat6A. When we are heading towards Power…


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Know The Right Time To Adopt HDMI 2.1 Cables

HDMI 2.1 enables new features and a lot more bandwidth to the cable and connections. Announced more than a year ago, these cables have finally arrived this year with the televisions supporting HDMI 2.1 ports represented at CES. And it’s not too soon to plan for an upgrade as the current-generation cables don’t have the bandwidth to support many of the new features of it.

One of the first High-Speed HDMI adapters and cables for the new…


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Safety Guidelines to Choose the Right Extension Power Cord


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Factors to Choose the Right Industrial Ethernet Cable

Our one and the only requirement is high-speed internet from any network. A successful network and that too in terms of speed depends on its components. That includes switches, controllers, connectors, and Ethernets. Amongst all, Ethernet cables have some extra weightage and are responsible for better performance. They pass data at high-speed rates. For example, …


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Power Cords: Connection Types And Regulatory Issues Explained

A power cord is an essential element for all the cord connected electrical devices. It powers up your devices. Generally, power cords are connected in two ways.

  1. Non-Detachable: It consists of a plug, the cordage, and a strain relief device. It is used to secure the cord to equipment enclosure.
  2. Detachable: It is also known as power cord set. It consists of a plug, cordage, and a connector or…

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How to Choose the Standard DisplayPort Cable?

DisplayPort cables make it easier to connect a video source and a display device with each other. These cables are designed to support devices such as a PC, laptop, and monitors. DisplayPorts provide an ultimate display interface for computers. They also carry audio, USB, and other forms of data. These cables are capable of 3,840x2,160-pixel resolution at 60fps. This means that a standard DisplayPort cable will support new systems with the same quality results, possibly supporting…


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Indications Tell You That It’s Time to Upgrade HDMI Cable

It’s a weekend eve. With a slice of pizza, you’re watching your favorite episode from ‘FRIENDS’ on television. Right before, the joey announces his ‘Next Big Hit’ acting debut, there comes an indication of ‘No-signal’ on TV. And we start adjusting our HDMI adapters and cable. Like any good web series lover, we love to watch our favorite characters on bigger screens. Nowadays, people do not rely on TV…


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Ingenious Hacks to Hide Every Cable in Your Room

Does your passion for gadgets have covered you in a clutter of cords? Whenever there comes a new appliance in the market, we get an impulse to buy. But what about all the untidiness it may create with the cables? Although cables are an important component for devices, managing them in an organized manner without any damage can be a little tricky. To help you out with this, we have gathered smart…


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USB: Speeding Up the Data Transfer Rapidly

The technology evolution is a dynamic process. It evolves day by day with new twists and turns. For instance, ever since we had USB cables and ports, they made our life easier with steady growth throughout the years. Back in the days, when USB ports didn’t exist, Pentium or Pentium II ports saved us. You will likely remember having multiple colored ports to deal with! And how can we not remember PS/2 connector or serial port to connect a mouse and keyboard? I am sure you must have…


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Making, Working, And Advantages of Fiber Optic Cables

Opting for a new internet connection? Then you must be looking to choose the service which provides high-speed data. As it’s a primary need of any internet user. When choosing the internet connection, we strive to get into every small detail. It is a sure thing that, you’re familiar with cables, wireless devices, DSL. But, fiber optic systems may still be a mystery. Fiber optic cables are…


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The A, B, and Cs of Ethernet Cables: An Infographic

Ever since the Ethernet standard was officially approved, it became part of our everyday life. Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and all the connections you use to browse online is supported by the Ethernet standard. This infographic explains all the information about Ethernet cables, from the beginning of their evolution, a buying guide, some interesting facts to everything else you need to know.…


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A Sneak Peek into the Working of HDMI Cables!

You might have heard about HDMI cables and often Google “HDMI cable near me” whenever you want to put them to use. But you might be unaware of their anatomy, specifications, and working. Today, we will provide you with all the information you seek about these cables.

Now, as you all know, HDMI is an acronym for High-Definition…


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Some FAQs About USB C Cables Answered!

When it comes to establishing good quality connections, the utility of USB cables is important. Whether you want to charge your mobile phone, connect your computer accessories, or run a printer, you would need the technology that works with all kinds of operating systems. And this is when a Universal Serial Bus aka USB comes into the picture.

We have witnessed the evolution of these ports over the years. And it has come a long way since its inception. Talking about…


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Selecting the Right Bulk Network Cables: How to Go About It?

You will rarely come across a place that doesn’t involve the use of ethernet cables. It serves the perfect purpose when it comes to connecting wired networks. If you make use of a short cable, you can connect a computer and router/modem. On the other hand, you can use Bulk Ethernet Cables to set up a network and connect different devices and computers to the server. You will often come across such connections at workplaces and other corporate buildings.…


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Things to Keep in Mind while Installing Network Cables

As an electrician, you might have studied about installing network cables. Sometimes, the installation might seem easy looking at the instruction guide. However, it gets difficult when it comes to the real procedure. If you fail to install the network cables properly, it is sure to bring up several problems later which will ask you to spend a lot of finances and time.

Several IT professionals have confessed time and again that there aren’t many major mistakes that…


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The Whats, The Whys, and The Hows of HDMI Cables

Open up the gallery of your smartphone, computer, or tablet and you will come across plenty of pictures that have conquered the space in your device. Apart from the pictures, you will come across several videos that take up space on the devices. However, not all of these videos would be enjoyable and of good quality. And the best way to get better quality out of these videos is to make use of USB to HDMI adapter.

If you search for HDMI adapters near me, you are sure…


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