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Dealing with Power Cords Made Easy!

Have you ever been to some serious cable shopping? If yes, you must remember the feeling of being engulfed by wires and overwhelmed by terminologies and acronyms. Whether you make your purchase online or offline, it is very important to recognize the power cables that you are about to use. In case the data cabling is improper or you make use of a wrong power cord, it can lead to accidents.

Thankfully, several regulations and documentations help us figure out that we choose the right…


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HDMI VS DisplayPort Cables VS DVI: Which One to Go For?

HDMI, DisplayPort Cables and DVI. If we mention these names in front of you; you would know that they are electronic cables. But you might not know their features, functionalities, pros, and cons. Out of these three cables, apart from VGA, all connections fall within the digital territory. So, even if the pixel resolution changes with the type of connection, the quality remains the same.

A 1080P/60 HDMI will give the same result as HDMI, DisplayPort. It is not the cables that make a…


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3 Types of Keystone Jacks You Must Know About!


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How to Choose the Right Ethernet Cable for Industrial Applications?

Have you ever seen an industrial system go kaput? I am sure you must have. What follows is network flaws, chaos, and work delay! Well, just so that you know, nearly 70% of network faults happen due to mediocre network components. In today’s age, if you want to become a successful industrial organization, you need a better data access, reporting systems and enhanced performance. Industrial Ethernet cables help you ensure that your connections work smoothly and network issues remain at…


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A Layman's Guide to CAT6A Cables, Their Advantages and Applications

We usually limit our knowledge of electrical world to the utilities we enjoy and do not dive much into it. However, it is important to know that data networks and Local area networks cannot work smoothly without cables. For the past 7 years, CAT6A cables have gained a lot of popularity for supporting support bandwidths up to 250 MHz and Gigabit network applications. CAT6 “A” is nothing but an augmented version of CAT6 cable that supports data rates of 10G up to 100 meters.

In this…


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