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CAT 5E Vs CAT 6A: Understanding the Major Differences

Transmission speed, connection, distance and costs. These are some of the factors you need to consider when it comes to buying cables for your ethernet network. “Should I use category 5E or 6A for wiring my ethernet network?” People often ask this question. This is majorly because all these cables have different names, standards and configurations.

Today, we will focus on CAT5E and CAT6A Cables and understand the major differences between them. Thereafter, you might be able to make…


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The Evolution of HDMI Cables Over the Years

Every person was rejoicing after the preface of HDMI cable. They knew that now they could get rid of the bulky connectors and multiple cables. In earlier times, as we all know, one cable was used for audio and other for video was in use. In fact, HDMI brought the change, with which the size of connectors got smaller. The need of separate video and audio cable also gone astray.


Over the years, the standards of HDMI have shown fierce advances. The use and the needs of…


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Know What Makes Fiber Optic Cables Future Proof?

Internet connectivity over an optical cord has become a precious standard for fast and high-quality data transmission. This technology is relatively new. This new nature of it can leave some in a dilemma. Some would even be unwilling to invest in it. Some would still prefer go old school and use convention network cables.


Over the years, with the technical progress, even conventional cable has risen to new horizons. But, which technology is better? Both copper and…


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Working with More Than One Monitors: What All Do You Need?

It is very common to see two or more screens mounted on the desk of developers, passionate gamers and others who want to have a superior quality virtual experience. In fact, they feel quite confined if they use a single monitor. Now, for using more than one monitor – CRT or LCD, you would need a monitor cable having a Video Graphics Array (VGA), High Definition Multimedia…


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The Future USB Cable: Lightning or USB Type C?

We thrive in the era of wireless charging. We have cloud data backups. But, we still heavily rely upon USB cables for power and data management. Apple users went through transition many years ago. They left behind a flat, 30 pin dock connector to a smaller lightning connector.


And today, the rest of the smartphone industry is moving towards USB type C connectors. It…


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A Simple Guide to Connecting Computers Using LAN Cables!


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