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Different Types of Monitor Cables

As a part of this technological era, you must be familiar with the computer, especially the desktop computer. This computer was very popular before the invention of laptops. When you use desktop computer, you need to replace your CRT monitor with the LCD one. While replacing the monitor, you would realize that monitor cable plays an important role in connecting the monitor and CPU. Even for your…


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Best High Speed Ethernet Cable for Networking

Ethernet cables are of different types and ranges. These types are defined by Electronic Industries Association and Telecommunications Industry Association. You need to figure out which…


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CAT 5E, CAT 6 and 6A: Choosing the Right Cable

Choosing from amongst Category 5e, 6 and 6a cables has been difficult for a lot of people. Whenever you decide to purchase one of these for your Ethernet network, several factors like data transfer speed, connection distance and costs that have to be considered.

Each of these cables has a different standard. Let us…


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Must Know About The NEMA Power Cords

NEMA power are used domestic AC electrical appliances most in North America and other countries which follow the NEMA standards. SF Cable is a leading retailers of cables and cords online and…


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Why Should You Choose USB Type C Over All Other Cables?

USB Type C was introduced in the August 2014 and it is the latest connector which is used for syncing data and charging. It makes use of 24 pin reversible plug connector. So it’s easy to…


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SVGA Cables: History and Benefits

SVGA standard has been popular since 1987 and it is found on several devices including PCs, medical equipment, industrial devices etc. Through this article, you will get to know more about…


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DIY Guide on Wiring Your Home Network Using Ethernet Cables

When it comes to getting an internet connection in the new house, a wifi connection is always preferred over wired networks. However, if you want to have a faster and more secure Internet…


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