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Which Social Media Chanel is Right for Your Business

Social media is the biggest step forward in communication in a generation, which means that if your business isn’t making use of it, you’re missing out. The only issue with taking your offering into the social domain is knowing where to start.

To give you plenty of food for thought, we’ve taken a look at some of the biggest social networks, so…


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An Event Promotion Checklist for the Lazy Entrepreneur

Every event, even the smallest ones, take a lot of time and effort to organise and promote, and not every business has the resources, the time or the will to plan and execute the event properly. Fortunately, there are many ideas on how to promote your event without investing a lot of time or funds into it.

If you are struggling with the…


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How to Align Your Online and Offline Marketing Efforts

Marketing has always been an integral part of a company’s success, which is why investing in marketing campaigns is highly important in the business world. However, many companies still struggle with making both online and offline strategies shine. New technologies have made it easier for companies to spread the word to their potential clients, and online marketing has opened many doors and makes it easier to bring in more clients than ever before. However, you shouldn’t forget about offline…


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How Do Chatbots and AI Impact Customer Education

Every business owner has been someone’s customer in their lifetime. The negative things that you’ve experienced as a customer should teach you how to avoid these mistakes in your work. In terms of teaching, it’s important to constantly educate your customers about your services and upcoming deals.…


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4 Ways to Increase User Engagement on Your Website

High user engagement is the main goal of any website, especially one focussed on making sales or generating leads. Engaged users will regularly visit your website and get involved with your social media pages. It is not something which comes easily, however; consumers will not engage with websites…


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5 Team Management Hacks for SMB Owners

In a small business, the owner is often also the manager, the CEO and the overall leading spirit. Your people will look to you for inspiration and guidance, and you will be the one making all the most important decisions.

This is why you need to be a very good manager – and know how to inspire your team to give it their best, even when they don’t quite feel like it. You will need to know when to be tough and when to be a friend, yet never lose the respect and trust of your people in…


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A Company Safety Checklist

It goes without saying that protecting any business – small or large, start-up or major conglomerate – is an incredibly complicated task. If you are a web-based company, you have to always be on your toes and wary of the latest developments in cybercrime, and if you operate offline, you need to keep your premises safe from thieves and other criminals.

The consequences of your business being attacked, either physically or on the internet, can be devastating; security should always be…


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Old-School Marketing Tactics

The rise of the internet and our dependence on everything digital has allowed digital marketing to take hold of our world. From social media marketing to email campaigns and website pop-ups, digital marketing is the #1 choice of new businesses and start-ups worldwide.

In fact, many marketing professionals are abandoning traditional marketing methods altogether, because they think they are outdated. But, depending on your business, digital marketing techniques may not be the best…


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How to Find the Best Accountant for Your Small-to-Medium Business

When you have decided it’s finally the right time to hire an accountant for your small-to-medium business, you need to decide which accountant to hire. There are many different accounting firms out there, from large international financial firms to small independent ones.

It is very important that you take your time in choosing your accountant and do not rush into it; it is a big decision which can have a huge impact on your business.

Deciding on a candidate is not the…


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4 Silent Killers of a Leader’s Efficiency

How often do you hear people say “I wish I had a better boss” or “I wish I was the boss”? Being the one in charge sounds awesome fifteen minutes into the most boring meeting of your life, but trust me – day in and day out, it can be not so much like a walk in the park, but more like one of those nightmarish dreams where you are being chased by tigers and an abyss is opening up on either side.

There is more to being a leader than just telling people what to do and yelling at them when…


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