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On trend — 5 customer-focused fashion websites

Persuading people to part with their cash for clothes online isn’t easy.

Many customers prefer to try before they buy and enjoy the personalised attention which a talented store assistant can offer them.

So a well designed website which incorporates outstanding UX is essential for convincing old-school buyers to change their buying habits and order from the comfort of their sofas.

If you want some tips for staying on trend,…


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5 Companies That Are Getting Creative With Cryptocurrency

New technology is often driven forward by companies who utilise this technology in an interesting and exciting manner. A firm with a solid reputation or who do something a bit different not only position themselves as experts in their field, they create awareness about the technological advancement.

In recent times, it would be fair to say that cryptocurrency has grabbed attention and media headlines. However, it is the way that companies have used cryptocurrency that has changed the…


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Culture champs — 3 diverse firms with great perks

If you regularly scour LinkedIn for the tastiest thought leadership titbits, you might have noticed a few articles about Millennial vs Baby Boomer workers and which corporate cultures they prefer.

Many of these musings rely heavily on the stereotyped presumption that younger ‘entitled’ workers are only happy when they’re permitted to work a 2 hour week for full pay and spend all their time lounging on beanbags.

On the flipside, the stereotypical Baby Boomer is used to 160 hour…


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3 top business finance tips

When blues singers crooned about runaway trains, there’s every chance they were discussing their finances. After all, we couldn’t think of a more apt metaphor for money than a railway carriage careering away from us.

At times it feels like keeping hold of the fiver in your back pocket can be a nightmare, let alone your savings account.

And what about business finances? If you’re the owner of an SME, chances are you’ll wake up in a cold sweat at thought of your fiscal health.…


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Ways to make your office space work for your business

For small businesses, every lead and customer interaction counts — that’s why the way an office space is organise is an important consideration.

Modern offices that reflect an organisation’s personality and offering not only present a professional front, but also add value to marketing and promotional efforts.

First impressions matter — what people think when they first enter an office contributes to the lasting impression they absorb about the business.

What clients and…


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How To Start a Small Business from Scratch

 Starting your own business is one of the big growth areas in the UK.  More people than ever are self-employed, have their own business or run a small company.  But where do you start?  And what are the key early things to have in place for your new undertaking?

Decide on your business concept

Deciding you want to start a business is one thing – next you need to know what kind of business you want to start.  Will you be offering products or services?  Will be a…


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Work wonders — 3 ways businesses are changing for the better

For some of us, work is a four letter word — a way of paying bills that’s often a bit of a drag.

But the way we work is changing to suit 21st century workers and incorporate technological advances.

And far from making work even more mind-numbing, these transformations might make it much more enjoyable.

If you’re ready for work to be wonderful, here are three ways businesses are changing for the better.

  1. Coworking…

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Britain’s health business — the UK social care sector

Britain’s NHS celebrates its 70th birthday this year and it’s still the envy of many nations.

But like any institution funded by the public, it’s had to adapt over the years. In England in particular, some services have been privatised completely, while throughout the UK, government cuts mean others are outsourced or wound down.

So although most health care is free at the point of delivery for UK citizens, you’ll find a mix of private and public sector enterprises in…


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4 effective ways to grow your SME on and offline

If you want your business to become the go-to brand for local customers, capture passing trade and expand its operational footprint, combining online and offline tactics is essential.

Focus solely on offline strategies and you’ll miss the opportunities digital offers to connect with online customers when they need your services most — but ignore real world networking opportunities and you’ll never have valuable face to face interactions that build trust.

So it’s best to adopt a…


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The small business guide to employee travel

You’re the person in your office appointed to book the travel arrangements for your colleagues. That means making sure their journey goes off without a hitch, finding them a hotel close to whatever meeting they’re attending and, if you’re extra-helpful, booking them a nice meal nearby.

But more than anything, you’ve got to keep costs…


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How To Take Your Real Estate Business Global

 Just having a lot of property listings isn't going to be enough to impress buyers on an international level. Learning how to source and make use of market intelligence across the world is the best way to generate interest and raise your international profile overseas. Showing your international clients that you offer a factotum service that encompasses everything from start to finish will also help to instil confidence in your real estate business. Knowing that you can take care of every…


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Breaking Into The Business of Beauty: 4 Tips for Making It On Your Own

If you are planning to break into the beauty business this year, or you plan to take your existing beauty business to then next level, then these valuable tips will give you the push you need.

1: Specialise in a niche

Whether you plan to offer new treatments, such as non surgical liposuction in London, or specialist facial treatments using all-natural ingredients,…


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4 weird and wonderful niche products that converted to commercial success

If you’re developing a startup business plan, it doesn’t always pay to rely on products that are highly specialised — unless you’ve identified a genuine demand.

But British people do appreciate things that are a little different — whether they’re excellent engineering products or eccentric shoes.

So maybe thinking outside the box is the key to a breakthrough — here are four weird and wonderful niche products that converted to commercial success.

  1. Gentlemen’s…

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Why Feng Shui is good for your Business Premises

Our workplaces have now become a focus for helping to improve our health and well being. This is why a lot of business owners are throwing themselves into redesigning and redecorating their office workspaces to improve the working environment for their staff and visitors.

Feng Shui has been used for many years to create a good flow of energy and balance within our homes,…


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Think outside the box — 4 niche businesses making their mark

When you want to make a splash in the world of business, filling a gap in the market with special products and services provides you with a ready-made Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Businesses using this model can cover the entire service spectrum — with offerings that range from quirky and creative to highly technical.

So if you’re struggling to think outside the box for your enterprise, here are four niche businesses making their…


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Dress to impress: the psychology of style in business

You’ve sauntered into your office in a tracksuit looking like Tony Montana’s long-lost brother. It’s not a good look. People have avoided staring at the dark burgundy of your sports jacket, and no one’s mentioned the 15 sovereign rings you’ve somehow managed to fit on your pudgy fingers.

But in the back of their heads, they’re thinking, “What is he wearing?”

This could apply to…


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SME design: how to make your office look spectacular

Your small business idea is hotter than a coal fire, it’s got investors on tenterhooks and its lighting up the internet like a comet flaring through the night sky.

But you’re suffering one problem – as soon as investors visit your business premises, they become damp squibs to your concept.

Why? Because your workplace looks about as appealing as a fetid Greek salad.

First impressions count – which is why your office has to look spectacular if you want to keep prospective…


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How your business can find the ideal work premises

The average SME isn’t exactly rolling in cash. Instead, they’re trying to cut corners while still maintaining at least a semblance of amazing customer service.

But if you’re a business owner who’s struggling to make ends meet, there’s one element of your company you can’t compromise – your working premises.

Just like a great product, your working space will leave a lasting impression on customers. And it’s up to you if that impression is good or bad.

Luckily for you,…


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4 ways to make your mark in testing, compliance and auditing

Running any business is challenging — so owners and bosses naturally seek solutions that offer peace of mind.

That’s doubly true when it comes to testing and compliance — precisely assessing the quality of raw materials, products, service and staff practice is essential to remain profitable, productive and above board.

If you’ve got some expertise you might carve a lucrative slice of this sector — here are four ways to make your mark in testing, compliance and…


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4 hacks for making a living online

Making enough cash online to support yourself sounds heavenly for many hard-pushed office workers.

Ditching a stressful commute, setting your own hours, working in your underwear and listening to whatever music takes your fancy are but a few brilliant benefits.

But with so many digital vocations to choose from, which one’s best for you?

Here are four hacks for making a living online.


If you can work out a novel way of selling a…


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