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A Complete Guide To Develop A Fitness App: Must Have Features And Useful Tips

From quite some time, we have seen people rapidly being aware of the importance of being healthy and fit and making a special effort to make their living and lifestyle updated with all the health and fitness trends. Fitness and staying healthy is an important part of a human being’s life as it makes a person to be adaptable to every type of environment and situation.  Also, in an era where all of us are occupied with mobile apps for each and every need we come…


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Blockchain Technology Can Create Wonders, But What Risks It May Carry

Life with blockchain:

The blockchain is a digital platform where all transactions of information or funds or data take place and stored. Since the time of blockchain came into existence, transfer of digital currency in the form of cryptocurrency has become easier and more feasible. Blockchain supports all kind of cryptocurrency and it allows the user to have…


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7 Reasons Healthcare sector should adopt blockchain technology

Ever since blockchain technology arrived it has revolutionised several industries globally. So, what actually is blockchain technology? Well, it is defined as the technology which creates set, fixed or distributable data that can be shared between networked database systems.

The technology allows to record digital events and no change can be made in the data…


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How Blockchain Technology Will Turn Our Businesses Upside Down

Blockchain has been a revolutionary thing since the inception of its core idea in the white paper in 1991. No substantial Blockchain Developments took place until when Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper in 2005, where he conceptualized Blockchain and then launched Bitcoin to the world in 2009. Blockchain Development was happening in the industry but the FinTech domain was not getting the attention it deserved. Later on, in 2016, a large pool of…


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