Why a Successful Marketing Campaign is the Key to Startup Success

Startups bring with them a mix of enthusiasm and uncertainty about the future. A new business in a dynamic and rapidly growing field could earn tremendous sums of money. Tales of startup success stories are filled with the achievements of entrepreneurs and their new businesses. Not every startup, however, succeeds. Even novice entrepreneurs likely realize the risks inherent in launching a new enterprise. Ultimately, the startup must connect with customers in order to do well. Effective marketing plays a significant role in the startup's initial success and future potential.

Purposeful Startup Marketing

Marketing serves many different purposes. Among the most basic purposes would be the ability to make potential customers aware of the venture's existence. Branding, promoting special deals and highlighting products and services also factor into a good marketing campaign. A startup truly must get scores of points across to various prospective customers and do so without delay. The startup does need to get cash flow going. Marketing helps with all these important causes.

Establishing the Startup

As a completely new business, a startup enters the market on a total blank slate. No one knows anything about the business. Word of mouth may get a significant portion of information out there, but many times that won't be enough. A proactive marketing strategy must convey critical information about the new startup to the target base. The information cannot ignore very basic points such as what the sector the business is part of and what products or services are offered. Never assume any information is too basic. The public likely knows nothing about a startup beyond what it learns. An initial marketing campaign should try to get basic information across to educate the consumer public and leave limited ambiguity.

Creating the Brand

The branding of a company establishes a reputation and identity. Effective branding is a long term process that more often than not takes years. Positive customer experiences contribute to positive branding. So do slogans and logos. Crafting an outstanding marketing slogan and devising a brilliant logo may help establish a brand identity along with an intellectual and emotional response relatively quickly. Such work is best not left to amateurs.

Working with a professional service becomes necessary to create great branding materials. The next phase may entail requesting the services of a professional marketing team to get such information out to the public. A well-managed drip email campaign could put an attractive logo and accompanying promotional text in front of many eyes.

The Entrepreneur's Biography

Famous startups are intrinsically linked with the biography of the founder. The lives of startup entrepreneurs often become part of business folklore. Many reasons exist for people being enamored with the tales of amazing entrepreneurs. Upon taking all this interest in the person behind the business, it would make sense a mention of the entrepreneur's biography appear in marketing material.

Once again, no one knows much about a startup when it launches. Potential customers may be worried about whether the startup can deliver on promises. A biography revealing the founder's education, experience, philanthropic pursuits, and overall professional goals could establish confidence. Once confidence has been established, customers may be more willing to patronize the business. A savvy entrepreneur may take to social media to further introduce him/herself and build goodwill with the public.

Continual Marketing

A startup does not have the luxury of cutting back on marketing campaigns and promotional tactics. Reducing marketing efforts cedes the market to better-established competitors. Budget concerns likely come into play when weighing options for continual marketing. Thankfully, low-cost marketing strategies do exist. Running a minimalist, low-cost marketing campaign likely would be much better than doing nothing at all. Some level of marketing can deliver some level of results. No marketing cannot do anything at all. Zero attempts yield zero results.

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Comment by Moses Lynch on September 18, 2018 at 12:54pm

It is not only for startups. Every business need to work with marketing

Comment by Steven Mathews on September 19, 2018 at 7:36am

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Comment by Mobiloitte on October 8, 2018 at 7:48am

liked the serialization in which you have explained the things.


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