7 Vital Things Your E-Commerce Site Should Have

Of all types of internet entrepreneurship E-commerce might be the most bizarre. The main reason for that is that eCommerce is exactly what it says on the tin. The fact is - there are no secrets of the craft, even if you overthink it hard enough.

You can find all sorts of tips dedicated to establishing a successful E-commerce site. But the truth of the matter is - they all boil down to quite obvious general principles and a good old web calculator. There is only a set of requirements. If done right - they can make your business prosper and bloom. Sounds suspiciously simple? Well, that is the reality and that is why it is weird.

E-commerce is the realm where the only right way to do the job is to “work smart”, i.e. not to try to reinvent the wheel with that perplexed look on the face.

Here are seven vital elements any E-commerce website should have.

1 Distinct Logo

First things first. What is the first thing the customer sees when he gets onto your site? It is probably a logo. Brand logo is one of the most important element in establishing and maintaining the recognition of the brand.

It is the thing that distinguish it the most. Everything else comes later. Logo is a symbol of reassurement. It helps to build the customer’s trust.

Because of that you need make it really distinctive and memorable.

2 Giveaways

One of inherent features of human nature is fascination with something that can be obtained for free. Freebies and giveaways work magic with customer attention. Especially if it something useful and not just a bunch of stickers and t-shirts with brand symbols…

Combined with tactical use of substantial discounts on selected products it can boost sales in a short-span.

In order to pull this off you need to study your target audience and their preferences. That will help you to determine what will work best.

3 Free Shipping

This one is a no-brainer must. One of the fundamental elements of any successful E-Commerce site is shipping. It is decidedly unreasonable to charge additional fee for that. Far better solution is to take shipping costs into account.

It is a little but very crucial detail in establishing the site and building trust with the customers.

4 News and listicles

Newsfeed is the bloodstream of your site. If used properly it is a weapon of mass selling and instant benefits. There are several reasons to keep a newsfeed on your site. Here they are:

  • Helps to keep customers in the loop about all current deals and discounts;
  • Great way to announce new products;
  • Allows to promote certain products in sync with current event;

Another important element of newsfeed are top lists. With a little help of audience research - you can compose infinite amount of list according to interests of the customers. It is also really helpful way to navigate customers in products of certain types.

5 Navigation

You can’t build a successful E-commerce site if customer can get lost on your site. Easy to follow clear-cut navigation is a must. You can’t go far without it. In fact - don’t even bother starting E-commerce website if you can’t provide it with proper navigation. Just throw money in the window instead.

In order to create well-mannered navigation you need to secure three key elements:

  • Shopping Cart
  • Login Box
  • Search Box

These elements should be visually distinctive, easy to find and easy to click.

6 Payment Systems Icons

Another important element for E-commerce design is integration with a variety of different payment systems. Not only it gives several options for the customers but it also secures bigger reach. This is especially important if your site has international aspirations.

It is important to clarify availability of payment systems in advance. If there are any limitations - it should be noted and this must be instantly visible and not hidden deep inside the manual.

7 Social Media Activity

E-Commerce and social media are best friends. It is that kind of pair that can sing “Never gonna give you up” to each other all night long without even a shadow of rickroll.

If you want to expand your audience and keep engaging presence - it is reasonable to be active on social media.

According to the stats: somewhere around the quarter of online purchases occur semi-accidentally while surfing through social networks.

How it works? It is an effective gateway for news and various deal & discount announcements. When something pops up in the newsfeed - it attracts attention and incite slight curiosity. That in turn generates purchases. Networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are the most common options.


If done right - E-commerce is relatively safe kind of lucrative affair. Keeping in mind these seven elements will help you to build up the fail-safe foundations of the safe that will work no matter what.

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Comment by Ashley Summer on March 8, 2018 at 7:21am

Wow! Great tips!

When it comes to ecommerce, the focus on security and performance will never go away. The great feature of web design and development today is that you’re not trying to reinvent the wheel each year. Instead, you’re taking the lessons learned from old or current trends, doing away with the bad parts, and adapting the good parts to create something new-ish. By the way, many cool ecommerce wordpress themes here https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes.php

Comment by Jina Wolf on March 26, 2018 at 1:57pm

These are all good points! I just would like to add that another good feature for an e-commerce site is an online chat. Today, many people don't like phoning when they want to ask a question, instead they prefer using live chats. Moreover, people can do purchases from their working places where it may be not convenient to discuss buyind a new dress or something like this over a phone.


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