How is Education Sector benefitting from Mobile Apps

Needless to mention, education sector is one of the most important sectors in the world. One way to look at it could be that you wouldn’t be reading this article if it weren’t for education. Another more elaborative and significant take on this could be that education sector is directly influencing our future by shaping up tomorrow. As per the growing need and global programmes pushing their borders to disrupt conventional methods of imparting education, we have seen tremendous growth in the sector in recent times. As per a report by Statista – one of the leading statistical data providers – education sector grew almost 500% within a period of 2011-2017, from $3.4 billion to $16.2 billion respectively. Digital classrooms like K2, Khan Academy and many more, have received funding from the biggest players to promote education at a global level. Top mobile app development companies as well, have focused heavily in developing education sector in last few years with Edu-apps like Grammarly, Coursera and more. The scope of mobile apps has always been significant in the education sector given the portable form of education students can enjoy without limits. To help you understand better, let’s take an elaborate look at how mobile apps are benefitting education sector.

Communication gap between students and institutions

There always has been a communication gap between students and institution that makes learning, not a very fun activity for some students. But with advancements in mobile app development that yield better apps, institutes can pay equal attention to all students. At present by using a mobile application, it is possible to reach out to all of them. School communication apps make it possible to launch circular to inform students about new schedules, different forums, various conferences, social & school activities. Also quite effective at conducting query and doubt sessions, mobile apps can now specifically focus on students that are not very comfortable at clearing doubts in the classroom.

Benefits of Mobile application:

Now-a-days, smartphone usage have gone up to unprecedented levels, with majority of students being the users. Not only mobile app help student to quickly learn subjects in a comprehensive manner, but also to choose when and where. By using smartphones, a student may skip on visiting libraries from time to time to fish for information and interesting topics, and can also share that information with others through social media and mobile applications.

The education researchers are coming up with new techniques like E-learning application development that engage students in learning through innovative ways. The need of the hour is to make students focus on their subject-oriented studies. As far as traditional methods are considered, it is expected to carry a bag of books and copies and indulge into the traditional method of writing while learning. And it is quite known that not every student can absorb knowledge while they are busy in writing notes, because each student is different.

Advantages of educational mobile applications

Use new learning methods:

Using mobile application platform to offer education to children who are addicted to using smartphones could be quite a corrective step, or at least channelizing. Conventional methods are alright, but to impart conventional education in a more effective way through smart education technologies such as smart classrooms, personalized tests, digital notes and more, through a mobile app. Apart from that, mobile apps with personalization features can adapt to the user (student) and provide specific topics and subjects based on what is required to help the student improve.

Introduce online classes:

These days, students are generally much indulged in online classrooms. This is where library apps and book search apps come into the picture. These mobile applications make it easy for the students to search the appropriate study material. With portable study material, students can learn anywhere, anytime without having to look for hard copies for subject information. The info available on some of the mobile apps can readily be saved offline for studying in areas with weak internet services.


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