Securing Your Enterprise Mobile Apps

A large number of enterprises across the world have come to know the need of enterprise mobile app in the hand of their employees. There are lots of benefits in using enterprise app in the workplace. We are often asked by enterprises to create an enterprise app that is well suited for the company providing device as well as employee-owned device. The need of enterprise app for different purposes in the enterprise includes:

  1. HR – To communicate with employees
  2. Marketing – For presentations
  3. Custom- to access existing database or SharePoint integration, and apps for content management, inventory management, and field automation and reporting.

You know what kind of application you want to create. But, how to keep it secure? How would you keep your information protected and secure from the unauthorized access or from your rivals?

Here are some of the many ways which makes your enterprise mobile app secure and limit the data to be open to the employees only.

 Enterprise app – Your organization’s private app:

The enterprise apps are also called business application that is developed for entrepreneurial use; for employees to communicate within the organization or to communicate with the clients.  Generally, the enterprise app is not accessible by the public. Allowing the enterprise application access only to the approved device and restrict the information only to the employees, is the first step to secure your data or information.

Secure Authentication:

This method makes you publish your enterprise app on the private app store (within the organization) as well as on the public app stores like Android’s Play Store or iOS’s App Store (between employees and clients). With a secure authentication, Cloud based database can be secured more. A user can enter their provided username and password or even utilize their Touch ID on iOS gadgets. You can enable “Remember Me” option to login if the information is not very critical, otherwise go for repeat login function. Administrators hold authority to manage, invite and disable accounts.

Mobile Device Management System:

Mobile Device Management is the software which makes sure employees stay connected and do not break corporate rules and regulations. Mobile Device Management is mainly for e-mail, corporate data, and securing the documents on the device. MDMS integrates corporate policies through mobile devices with laptops and desktop computers. Some companies’ MDM software works on both Android and IOS device. The MDM software can be installed on the device which is maintained by the administrators. If a device is lost or stolen, the device owners will be able to completely wipe out or disable the required features of the applications.

AirWatch and MobileIron are the most popular enterprise MDM software providing companies. These two companies are expert in securing the enterprise app that runs on the company-provided device and employee-owned device. Running the enterprise apps on employee-owned devices is referred to as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) methodology. This is turning out to be more famous with an organization as this saves device cost and allows employees to work through their device.

Apple also developed Mobile Device Management system. This is only for iOS device. Apple’s MDMS can access to….

  1. Device name and its Serial number
  2. Phone number
  3. Model version and number
  4. Capacity and available space
  5. Apps installed
  6. iOS version number like iOS 8, iOS 9

Apple’s MDM can’t access to

  1. Personal email account, contacts list, remainder, notes
  2. SMS list
  3. Device location
  4. Safari Browser History
  5. Phone call logs 

Where to publish the enterprise app?

If you want your enterprise app should be used by the employees only, publish it on the private app store. If an enterprise app has been developed for both clients and employees, it should be published in the public store. If you want to publish your app for both private as well as public access, provide the users with the secure username and password.


Want to develop a secure enterprise app?

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