What Are The Pros And Cons Of Bridging Loan When Flipping A House?

Flipping a house can bring in good returns and may look like a lucrative business. But securing the funds to buy the property that you want to flip is the hardest part of all.

If you put in all the amount you have with you for buying a house to flip, then you wouldn’t possibly have any other activity to make money till that house is sold. By weighing your options, you can manage your finances efficiently by making use of bridging loans.

When you secure bridging loans for flipping houses, you can possibly work simultaneously on multiple houses instead of just waiting for that one house to sell. This will also let you reap a lot more benefits and gain more money in a short amount of time.

Before we see the pros and cons of bridging loans, let’s see the basic requirements for flipping houses.

Financial Requirements for Flipping Houses

  • Money: Money is obviously the number one requirement to place an offer on a house. No matter if you are looking to buy the house or at a later period, it is essential to have some financial sources you can go to when you are in need of money.
  • Turnaround Time: Time is of crucial importance to close a deal and a few days’ delays in securing the funds could cost you a house. As you choose the financial loan sources for your house flipping business, it is essential to choose those that can provide access to the money in a short amount of time.
  • Loan Expenses: If the loan you take includes a lot of expenses, it is definitely not the way to go. There are a lot of loan options out there that provides a loan at very fewer interest rates and inexpensive fees and it is time to search and pick such a professional lender.

Pros of Bridging Loan When Flipping a House

In line with the financial requirements for flipping a house, here are some of the advantages of using bridging loans in flipping house business.

Fast Access to Cash

Bridging loans can help you get the cash in a short amount of time when compared to other financial institutions like banks and mortgage providers. This will prove to be the most advantageous factor when there are multiple offers on a house and paying the amount soon can help you in securing the deal.

Loans Even with Risks

For those in house flipping business, the lender must be able to loan you large sums of money time and again whenever the requirement arises. The best option for such condition is to go bridging loans providers with a large pool of investors. These lenders provide bridging loans even with risk factors involved as long as the deal for which the bridging loan is taken seems good. In times when the banks have denied loans, bridging loans will come to your aid.

High Capacity

With the refinancing option in bridging loan, you can take a bridging loan on another loan and compensate for both the loans with the coming sale from flipping houses. This refinances bridging loan is one of the best loan options for house flippers especially when they need a little financial help to come out of a crisis.


Bridging loans are available for a wide variety of options allowing you to modify or expand your loan. For example, you have a house that needs to be flipped but isn’t going well in the market. You know that a few refurbishments could increase the value of the house and you are ready to go out of your comfort zone and expand your range. But what about the money for the refurbishment? Refurbishment bridging loans or refinance bridging loans can help you to make the change and flip the house successfully at high rates.

Cons of Bridging Loans When Flipping a House

As with any business, there are both pros and cons to it. So here are a few drawbacks with bridging loans.

A Limit on Funding

Some new bridging loan lenders may have a small pool of investors and hence may suddenly have a limit on the funding. You may have taken out a bridging loan once but when you come back again, there may be a sudden gap in the funding resulting in strict approvals.

Expensive Fees

Some lenders may charge a hefty fee for the bridging loans when compared to the others. Some of these lenders charge a high rate for new clients and may eventually dial down for regular ones.


This con has to do more with the borrowers. Once you get habituated with borrowing money through bridging loans, it becomes a compulsion. This indirectly leads to complete dependency on the private lenders which are always not the best option for a house flipping business.

Choose an experienced private lender for bridging loans will nullify most of the disadvantages. Contact Finanta, the top financial service provider in the UK, for securing bridging loans for your house flipping business.

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