Top 7 Tools for Successful Content Writing

Since the creation of the first online websites, content has become a critical aspect of any online company. In fact, content has always been important: magazines, product descriptions, advertisements, they are basically content pieces that customers consume each and every day.

Nowadays, thousands of websites and blogs are created on a daily basis. A website is nothing without content. Of course, there could be applications that don’t really need lots of content, but generally, content is necessary if you want to capture the viewer’s attention.

Content marketing is a very popular marketing trend nowadays, and it will continue to be until some major change happens. People consume content in many forms; articles, infographics, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. As a business, you can choose to create awesome content and take your organization to the next level.

During today’s article we’ll take a look at seven useful tools which any entrepreneur, content marketer, or online marketer can use in order to improve the quality of his content marketing promotion.

1. Soovle

After few months of activity, many content marketers struggle with a common thing: ideas. As a professional business, you must provide your potential customers with consistent and quality content. There are many times when you just can’t come up with a good topic that’s worth creating.

This is where Soovle steps in. You are able to throw any keyword into their special box, and in a matter of seconds you’ll be able to analyze lots of popular keywords and terms that are extracted from more than one search engine. Easy ideas!

2. HemingwayApp

A blog’s quality level is determined by the quality of the content itself. In order to come up with content, you can choose to write it on your own, or outsource it. You can often hire freelancers that will take care of the content creation part. Whenever they send you the posts, add them into the HemingwayApp.

This software quickly scans through the text and finds all the trash that needs to be removed or modified. It also gives good suggestions on how to replace certain phrases and how to make them more readable. The application provides a “readability score” feature, so you can choose a grade and stick to it.

3. Grammarly

If readers find grammar mistakes within your articles, they’ll be really turned off.. Most of them will just leave your website and look for something more professional. Yes, it’s a matter of professionalism. Writing articles and not paying close attention to what the final “product” looks like will just prove that you’re not worth your reader’s time.

4. PlagiarismCheck

Unique and quality content comes with a bonus: SEO. If you’ve never heard of search engine optimization, check out this resource and find out more. In case you know what it is and how it helps, you’ll understand the importance of unique content.

Every search engine will send crawlers (bots) that will quickly take a look at your website. If they find duplicate or spun content, your website will be dumped on the last page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on.

Use PlagiarismCheck and replace all the duplicated content that might cause trouble to your blog promotion strategy.

5. Zen Pen

Zen Pen is a useful online software that gives content marketers the possibility of writing their content using a simple environment: a blank page. Microsoft Office’s Word processor for example is full of distractions, and many writers would prefer doing their writing on a simpler platform.

You have borders, word counter, suggestions for mistakes, and so on. Well, Zen Pen is completely different. It’s useful for those writers who can’t focus around distractions and prefer dealing with more simplicity.

6. Canva

Did you know that articles that have at least one image receive around 94% more viewers? This detailed infographic should give you more relevant statistics that could provide some productive insights for the future. But where should you get those images? Well, Canva is a great creative common images platform.

That means that all of their images are eligible to be used. You can find thousands of them, and use them without having to wonder whether your images have copyrights problems or not. In case they do, your SEO rankings will suffer.

7. Social Media

Even though this is not a specific tool, it must be included in our article. Social media networks are extremely powerful for any type of business. If you’re into content marketing, it would work even better. While your content represents the “message”, your social media channels will be the “vehicle”.

I’d really suggest using social media as a mean to drive more traffic to your website, improve your brand awareness, and eventually create better profits.


Developing a successful content marketing strategy isn’t that easy; it takes time, patience, and a lot of effort from your side. In order to optimize your overall content marketing activity you should definitely take advantage of these special tools. They’re all specifically designed to improve your content marketing efforts, so why not take full advantage?

Author Bio:
Jessica Freeman is an experienced journalist who often contributes her freelance pieces to Australianwritings company. She feels passionate about writing and prefers developing such topics as education, motivation, and career improvements. Get in touch with her on Twitter and Google+.

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