Top 3 Must-Have Elements Of Restaurant Email Newsletter

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Restaurateurs are mostly after dinner loyalty and will go to any lengths to entice diners. From getting the word out about the new menu to offering finest hospitality that brings patrons back to the reservations, they leave no stone unturned. The digital marketing approaches have unarguably brought momentum while pitching at prospective diners. However, the task at hand is to bring back the members who have been introduced to your restaurant’s exquisite menu

Of course, social media and retargeting programs have great prominence in pulling customers back to your eatery. But, it is the email marketing that takes the cake. Here are the three tricks to make most out of email marketing campaigns.

 1. Importance of subject line

The outcome of email marketing is highly dependent on the subject line. The subject line defines the probability of emails being opened or discarded. If emails remain unopened regularly, they are automatically consigned into spam folders. So, it is imperative to spend time crafting email subject lines that are highly relevant, personalized and tempts users to open the email.  

Many could be familiar with the iconic campaign by President Obama bearing a subject line titled “Hey.”  It was perhaps the first of its kind and a well-planned execution by leveraging the potential of digital marketing which ultimately leads to democratic candidate becoming the 44th President of United States. 

The 2008 presidential campaign of Barack Obama may have worked well on the grounds of popularity which he had already accomplished as a presidential candidate because people who received the email were aware of who he was and the intent. The subject line tends to stand out in an email because; it is the first thing that a recipient notices when an email arrives in the mailbox and significantly affects the recipient’s decision to open the email.

 The subject line must convey the intention quickly using fewer words as possible. It must highlight the key feature that marketers are aiming to promote. The transparency encourages recipients to trust the sender and may even respond positively should they see the value.  

Many leading email providers recommend marketers to omit the use of salesy tone in the conversation. A subject line shines when it is 50 characters or less.

2. Cross-Channel Marketing with Email

After you have honed the subject lines for the email, do not send them as a one-time event. The perfected email can be used as a template for launching multiple marketing campaigns. Make sure the email is cross-channel compatible and has the flexibility to operate in a conventional manner across social media, websites, and other channels. Such emails allow a greater degree of penetration and will be on par with the expectations of the people who express interest. 

In the newsletter content, provide links that carry diners from email to the landing page on the website. Using attractive images will motivate email recipients to click the links and explore the resources offered on the site.  Use analytics to track URL parameter for understanding how many opens are leading users to the websites. Use Google’s URL Builder to append URL parameter to the link, this way you will be shown unique campaign values that show how marketing tactics draw people closer to your site.

3. The Email Frequency

Marketers commit the mistake of sending emails in succession leading to loss of interest by your prospective diners. Nobody wants to be overwhelmed by the messages from desperate marketers. When the email recipients repeatedly ignore such emails, it is automatically pushed into spam folders.    

Many restaurateurs dish out the email newsletter every month. They are accounted for 57% of all the content that is sent through email.

Less than a third of the marketers surveyed stated that more emails being sent in a month.

Keeping a check on the emails distributed per month will leave hospitality marketers abundant with the information-rich resources that would bring value to prospective diners. Three out of five emails sent by restaurateurs contain coupons or rewards that will act as an incentive for attracting the audience. 

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Comment by Ashley Summer on July 27, 2017 at 5:29am

I have recently launched my own restaurant business. I noticed that email marketing works incredible fine for this type of business. I send weekly newsletter with exclusive offers to my customes. To better manage my email marketing, I use the contact management software ( ). Nice tool with useful features.

Comment by Andrew Grant on August 1, 2017 at 11:55pm

Very useful! Thanks!


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