10 Tips to a Cleaner, Brighter Office Space

Most of us have done it. Cluttered our office space with unnecessary junk. Left papers, mail, and books piled on our desks, and multi-colored post-its pasted to every surface. Computer equipment wires going in all directions, eventually ending on a lone, scary-looking multi-plug adapter. Your office may even look like a dungeon, with dusty, drawn curtains and obscure orange lighting.


A serious update will improve your work by clearing your headspace. Below are 10 ways to clear clutter, clean, and lighten your office space.


Open Your Space to Open Your Mind

1) Clear It Out

First, clear the clutter. Is your office full of junk you haven't gone through in 2 years, or 10? Plan ahead, picking a Saturday or Sunday to tackle your office clutter. Clear out everything. Place work projects in boxes and stack them outside the room by the door. For any relevant post-its, try using a notes program or app that will organize and file pertinent information. Remove all wires and equipment and place them with the work boxes.  Anything you haven't used within the past 6 months, get rid of. It is costing you more lost time and wasted energy than you think just sitting there.


2) Open Up the Dungeon

Trash those crazy dark and dusty curtains. You don't need them. You need light to shine in. While you're at it, get rid of all the dim, orange lighting, which includes the gold library lamp with the dark green, glass shade you bought at that garage sale.


3) Clean It Up

Now it is time to deep clean. Dust off all of your shelves, desk, wall space, etc. Vacuum the carpet. If needed, use a steam carpet cleaning service to get that carpet looking like new. Clean and refinish any hard floors.


Reinvent Your Working World

4) A fresh Coat of Paint Works Wonders

Forget eggshell. Choose a light, airy blue or green color for your walls. Something that blends well with natural woods and earthy tones. Refinish any shelving, highlighting its natural wood or paint in a white contrast.


5) The furniture

Okay, totally time to get rid of that seventies, green leather lounger. Think of incorporating furniture with natural woods or light finishes. Also, if you are a multi-tasker who needs to move around the room, look at getting a rolling chair that will allow you the extra movement you need. It is also good to incorporate at least one comfy chair or cosy window seat, if present, to allow you more comfortable space when needed. Think about using a variety of textures, which helps to open the creative mind.


6) Window Treatments

You will want to let in as much natural light as possible. Any views of greenery and nature are a welcome sight. If feasible, forgo window treatments altogether. If you need something, go with thin, natural shading or blinds.


7) Wall Art

You will want to pick pieces that compliment the room and foster creative thoughts when you look at them. This will help in times of mental or creative blocks.


Prepare for the Start of Your New Work Life

8) It's All About the Notes

Think about turning one wall into a chalkboard by using chalkboard spray paint to cover the wall. This way you have a place to quickly write important phone numbers and notes, and they can be easily erased later.


9) Retool and Organize

This is the time to start replenishing your space with your computer equipment, important work projects, books and other needed work tools. Make sure every item has its own place and take full advantage of your shelves and drawer space. Make one drawer a catch all and keep desk space clean and tidy. Add a plant or two.


10) Relax, Sit Back and Then Get to Work

Time to sit back and take it all in. Okay, now get to work.


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Comment by Chloe Taylor on July 26, 2018 at 5:10am

Also, consider installing a solar system. For instance, husband and I run a small business and we have installed a 5kW solar system  in our offices and it has completely changed the space. It looks brighter and even bigger.  


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