Three Indisputable Benefits of Site Structure for Boosting SEO

Site structure is critical for a website; the better it is the more the chance that it will rank higher in the SERPs. Even though it is an integral part of the website development process, you will be surprised at how often the issue of site structure is overlooked. The advantages of having a good site structure explained:

A Good Site Structure Paves the Way for an Engaging User Experience

When you look closely at a website and strip away the superficial text, images, graphics, and colors, you are left with the bare bones that are actually the driving force behind delivering information and relevance to the user. The user looks for an intuitive browsing experience, which means that what they are looking for should easily fall at hand. It is the website structure that is responsible for satisfying the logic that every user seeks from a website.

Apart from the quality of the content, it is the ability of the user to find everything in a logical manner that makes for a great user experience. The more appealing the website, the more time users are likely to spend on it. Google’s smart algorithm factors in the average dwell time and click-through rates for calculating the page ranking. Therefore, a site with good structure, lesser bounce rate and a longer dwell time is likely to be rewarded with a better ranking.

Sitelink Display in SERPs Becomes Easier with a Good Website Structure

A natural corollary to having a good and logical site structure is that Google displays the more important sitelinks on the results page. Sitelinks are the additional links of the different pages of your site displayed along with the main search engine listing. These sitelinksmake it easier for the user to directly visit the page of his preference. As a SandCrest SEO consultant points out, from the SEO perspective, sitelinks deliver a huge advantage as they point the user to information that is more relevant, increase the CTR, collapse the conversion funnel, improve the trust factor of users, enhance the site reputation, and allow you to boost your rankings. Unfortunately, you cannot request sitelinks; Google awards them on the basis of your site structure.

Good Website Structure Facilitates Search Engine Crawling

Search engines like Google scan the structure and the contents of websites so that the indexing can be done. Proper indexing is crucial because Google displays websites on SERP based on the users’ query, only if it’s satisfied with the content you have provided on the website. When your site structure is logical and organized better, the search engine bots are able to access the site better and index the contents more accurately and quickly. Because search engines do not necessarily discover and index everything the site contains, a good site structure is a great facilitator for crawler optimization.


You can, therefore, very easily estimate the vital importance of the site structure in the matter of SEO. With a site structure that is logical and organized, you are more likely to score high on SEO and generate larger volumes of organic search.

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