Six Reasons Small Businesses are Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Businesses are growing more and more fearful of cyber attacks, especially because these attacks can end up using a significant chunk of revenue that no business owners wants to pay. Small businesses, in particular, seem to be at risk of cyber attacks more than other entities. The following are six reasons why this happens to small businesses as often as they do, especially compared to larger companies.

1. Low Risk

One of the main reasons cyber attackers go after small businesses is because they represent a low risk. Most small businesses do not report cyber attacks to the police. Furthermore, some cyber attackers use programs that are sophisticated enough to clean up after themselves so, in essence, they rob the small business blind. Attackers know what they are doing is illegal, and targeting small business reduces their chances of getting caught or facing any real consequences.

2. Lack of Knowledge

Another reason small businesses are often targeted is because many of the owners do not give too much importance to cyber security. This is a probability that many attackers are depending on. Attackers are hoping to find a target that is easy to crack, has no real security, and won't hunt them down. A business owner that does not think cyber security is vital is likely going to satisfy all of the things cyber attackers are looking for in their next victim.

3. Untrained

There is a lot that a business owner can do to protect him or herself from an attack. One of those things is training his or her employees to know how to take precautions while using the internet and network within the company. Sadly, business owners, especially the ones that do not worry too much about cyber security, are probably not going to train their employees. This means an employee might inadvertently affect the network with malware by doing things like opening a suspicious email or by visiting an unsecured site.

4. Proper Software

Of course, business owners who do not take cyber attacks serious are likely not going to spend much on effective anti-virus and malware software. Cyber attackers are becoming increasingly better with their attacks, meaning that the software should be equally as good. Most business owners, especially the ones that do not pay much attention to cyber security are likely just relying on basic software or free software that simply pales in comparison to strong software. This makes their systems vulnerable to attacks, which is something attackers presume.

5. Non-Responsiveness

Many small businesses lack a policy or plan to deal with the aftermath of an attack. This is a vital aspect of cyber security as it helps reduce damage, and it could end up saving the company a lot of revenue. This is the reason many urge small companies to consider something like managed detection and response services to help deal with cyber att... after they happen. What should be remember is that attackers are looking to steal information belonging to customers who have trusted the small business. This trust can be lost easily, which makes the way a business responds to a cyber attack crisis important.

6. No Team

Again, some small business owners do not pay too much attention to cyber security. This could also mean that all tasks are left to a small team of employees or just one. The task is quite large and needs the dedicated services of an entire team of professionals. Granted, some small businesses do not have the revenue, but renting is an option as mentioned earlier and so is additional training for all employees.

There is no doubt that a cyber breach is always going to be possible. Correcting the aforementioned issues is not going to prevent an attack completely, but it will help reduce the risk. It should be noted that these are just some tips. There are more, which can be learned by contacting a cybersecurity expert.

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Comment by Marie Beckham on October 6, 2017 at 7:46am

Thanks for these accurate cautions.

Comment by Nirmal Kant on October 14, 2017 at 10:46am

Good information here. Manager of any SMBs owners or Non profits need to manage lots of things and adopting new digital culture can be really hectic job. In this scenario hiring a CIO consultant for our business seems good option because they are someone who know everything about technical stuff and manage IT for any organization. If required, they put security professional to guard your data being hacked. The best part is that they can also suggest you about the business mangement. I have been reading a lot about cyber security tips from different sources but when it comes to real protection, it is very essential to put a proper guy in place. 


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