1 smart tip to grow your business using Facebook

What potential does Facebook have to help you grow your business? Well, let me take you through a few stats. According to a report on Statista, in the first quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.19 billion monthly active users. The first social networking site to cross 1 billion active users mark was Facebook in the third quarter of 2012. Businesses have already realized the importance of Facebook as there is hardly any business website that does not have a Facebook button to like it. The blog from the #1 SEO Toronto Company shares 1 smart tip to promote your business online using Facebook.

1.      Grow your Facebook community with group


If you can create a great Facebook community and keep them engaged, it will definitely help your brand. Not only it will help you in increasing Facebook likes, but also it will help you in many other areas such as customer support through direct engagement and product innovation through feedback.

Create a Facebook group and add people to it. Initially, the Group activities may not pick up and may appear dormant. At this phase you will have to seed some meaningful conversation occasionally to keep the Group members engaged and develop interest in your brand.

You will have to chalk out a plan for yourself. For example, you may ask people to introduce themselves, initiate a discussion on any relevant topic, and invite people to talk about their achievement.   For example, since most people like to talk about themselves, you can ask the Group members to introduce themselves and discuss their hobbies and interests.

How will you ensure that your Facebook group members feel important and being heard? For that you will have to keep a constant watch on the Group members’ activities and comment and answer question wherever necessary.

Using these strategies, you can grow your Facebook community to tens of thousands. All you need to do is, answer people and make them feel heard. Later on, when the community grows into thousands of people, you may not answer every question, but a small comment like “well done” and “congrats” can make the difference.

You can also host regular events to make the connections more meaningful. You can organize both online and offline events. Some most common online events can be “Ask me about <any particular topic>”- questions and answer with some person of high repute in your company, panel discussions, and others. Offline events can be a simple get-together. To create these events, you will have to use “Events” tab on the left-hand side of the group. Once you have created the event, you can invite people to the events by using the “Invite” button.

To gain more insights into group activities like how many new members have been added in last 30 days/60 days? How many group membership requests have been approved and declined? What have been total number of posts, likes, and comments in the past 30 days? Who are top contributors in the group? What is the age and gender of the group members? and for other data, you can rely on “Group Insights” feature of the Facebook.

Thus, Facebook group is a great place to build a community which can be beneficial to your business.

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