10 Key Tactics The Pros Use For Wireless Earbuds

Earbuds are becoming necessity rather than accessories nowadays. Earbuds are small listening device with a wad of cotton wrapped at the end of short rod. Earbuds could be wired or wireless. Wireless earbuds are usually connected via Bluetooth with base transmitter device.  

Early on headphones with large size were used by listeners to listen music or for conversations. But as technology grows large size headphones are replaced by tiny earbuds. Both headphones and earbuds have their pros and cons according to the purpose of usage. Earbuds are more portable than large size headphones. They are more stylish and affordable than headphones. Wireless headsets or earbuds comes with a transmitting unit which is also called as base unit. The sound is transmitted from the transmitting unit to earbuds using infrared or Bluetooth.

Earbuds convert incoming waves into sound which we hear from them. Earbuds either fits in outer ear or it could be inserted in inner ear canal. Earbuds are ideal companion for out portable music players and smartphones. We have to take usage pattern into consideration before purchasing headsets or earbuds. Some earbuds are better for listening music and other are good for gamer. Earbuds nowadays are coming with sweat proof feature. These earbuds suits consumers who used to listen music during running or exercise. Different companies are introducing headsets and earbuds with latest technology over the years. Plantronics headset, Logitech headsets, Sennheiser headsets and Sony headsets are major headsets and earbuds producing organizations. They are producing headsets with latest technology from last few decades. Before buying a new earbuds we have to take its sound quality into consideration. We have to choose earbuds that are more compact, durable and with log price tag. We also have to check frequency range and battery life of wireless earbuds. Earbuds that fits well into ears are more comfortable for consumers. Some key pros of using wireless earbuds are as follow:

On the go usage:

One of the main advantage of using wireless earbuds is that we can use it on the go. We can use it when we are walking or when we are doing some task. When we are listening to music and receive a phone call, we can answer the call with just the touch of the button and when call end we can return to the music. Wireless earbuds are also very useful during driving. Receiving a phone call during driving is prohibited in many countries. We can use wireless Bluetooth earbuds to take a call while we are driving.


When we use wired headsets its cable may caught on something, it may ripped the earbuds form our ears or we may pull them out of pocket to find a nest of cable. This is the major disadvantage of wired headsets. In the case of wireless earbuds no cord is required so we don’t have to unwind the knots that they make in our pocket. For the listeners who like to listen to music while running or doing exercise wireless earbuds is a great device for them.

Sound Quality:

Sound quality is the most important feature that we have to take into consideration before buying a headset or earbuds. Early on when Bluetooth enabled wireless headphones or earbuds were released their audio quality was not up to mark as compared to the corded headsets. But after sometime bass boosting technology is introduced with noise isolation design by which listeners listen beat with the music. Nowadays wireless earbuds have almost same sound quality as wired headsets. The sound quality of wireless earbuds depends on type, size and quality of the drivers and also on the design of headset and its distance from the transmitter. Bluetooth enabled earbuds provide best sound quality within the range of 10 meters. Over the ear headset are more efficient in sound quality than others.


Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are compatible with MP3 players, smart phones, computers and even to some TVs. Bluetooth enabled TVs allow us to pair your headphones with TV to listen music, movies or other shows without bothering others in the house. Wireless earbuds give us the freedom to move around the house without missing our favorite programs. Nowadays many devices are Bluetooth enabled so wireless headphones and earbuds are ideal choices for the consumers. Even our telephone set are also Bluetooth enabled nowadays we can take a call even when our telephone is away from us.


When wireless headsets or earbuds first came out in the market they were expensive and beyond the reach of an average person’s budget. When the technology gets better earbuds that are more affordable are produced by different companies. In recent years we can buy Bluetooth enabled headphones in very affordable price.


Lightweight and Comfortable:

In recent year wireless earbuds come in very lightweight and are very comfortable to wear. They are very convenient and easy to use. They come with extended battery life and some of them are easily rechargeable. For consumers who use headsets for the longer period of time they are the best choice for them.

Noise filtration:

Some wireless headsets or earbuds have noise canceling feature in it. This feature eliminates the loud distractions from the environment. It also helps listeners to stay focused and concentrated while listening to music, conversing or watching television.

Long Range:

Infrared headphones or earbuds have the range of about 30 feet while radio wireless headsets offer radio transmission in the range of 100 to 300 feet. Bluetooth enabled headphones gives greater freedom of movement as signals travel throughout the place.

Additional Functions:

Bluetooth enabled earbuds come with extra functions that make our life very easy. Many wireless earbuds come with multi tasking ability. Listeners can answer a phone call even when they are listening to the music. Wireless headsets have a button that allows users to pick up the phone and revert back to their original task when calls end.


As compare to wired headsets wireless earbuds are more stylish and classy. They are made in such design that they stay firmly in place when we are running or doing exercise. Wireless earbuds come in different glossy designs that are mostly liked by consumers

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