10 Must-Have Mobile App Development Services when visiting Los Angeles

The spell-bounding South Californian city sprawled across to house the iconic Hollywood sign is definitely a place for tourist attraction worldwide. Artists, tourists and aspirant filmmakers throng the place every year, every month and in fact every day to witness the charming locations or partake in the hustle bustle of the happening city life. However, the first experience can be overwhelming for any newbie. Therefore, the intelligent mobile application development companies brainstorm their grey cell to discover the must-have mobile applications that can guide anyone through the city safely.

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Today, mobile app development services have become imperative to conduct day-to-day activities within minutes. In fact, traveling to new places compel a person to actually turn onto their personal smartphone for trustable guidance. Therefore, the mobile application developers did the right thing to design such apps that can actually help anyone when they move into a new place the first time.

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So, here clubbing together 10 such mobile applications that are a must when you visit Los Angeles for the very first time.


When you are traveling through the city for the first time, it is essential to have traffic updates real-time. Such information redirects travelers through the best route by accessing the user’s current location through GPS tracker. Waze is the ultimate android/iPhone application to take anyone across the city smoothly without wasting time stuck in heavy traffic.

Go Metro LA

This free application is available for the android as well as the iPhone users who do not own a vehicle. Therefore, to travel across the city one needs to have access to the metros. This particular application offers predictive schedules for subways and buses along with updates real time. Such an application helps users to map out trips around the city by commuting through the metro.


The iPhone/Android application is free of cost yet the premium version is chargeable at 99 cents. Parking your personal vehicle in and around any major cosmopolitan is a headache by itself. However, this particular application can actually address such problems to locate a personal spot to park your vehicle. This particular app will also help in deciphering the different curbs and signs when parking a car.


Now, not every individual person can actually rent a car fully for the entire trip or own a personal vehicle when moved into a new place. Taxi booking application is definitely the must-have one when you visit any place for the first time including Los Angeles. Avail any personal or share rides at the cheaper price and travel the different places in and around LA without any headache of finding a spot for parking personal vehicle.


This is definitely a popular food delivery application available for Android and iPhone users, which is free to install and free to use. This application has a database filled with thousands of restaurants that deliver on-demand food service with the simple-to-use interface to make it seamless. There can be the one-minute setback. Time to deliver food item takes longer than calling the restaurant.


The name of the app can be misleading for the first-timers. Hold on! The app does not post your emails or couriers. Rather you are surprised to learn that it is actually a food delivery application like our very own FoodPanda and Zomato. The free to install Android/iPhone application delivers food from restaurants that do not deliver at all. Definitely a must-have app for newbies in Los Angeles!


The iPhone app developer has definitely used quite a lot of his brain when ideating the particular application. The free to download application has a comprehensive list of best restaurant recommendations posted right on it to offer food delivery service on-demand to the users.


Yet another application designed specifically for the Android and iOS lovers work on the sole purpose to help tourists navigate in and around the beautiful landscape of Los Angele. List of public facilities has already been embedded into the app along with the option to pay off bills and submit service requests on the go.

KCRW Radio

A free to install mobile application development service designed for both the Android and the iOS users offers music streamed directly from the famous radio station. LA’s best public radio station has actually come up with its very personal application for the music lovers to install when visiting LA.

Jukely Unlimited

This is an iOS-based application designed on the web interface as well to get you invited to any shows the very last minute. This is very similar to Netflix for concerts and has proved to be quite a worthwhile application for last minute plans. Last minute tickets to concerts available for those who are excessively lazy to book in advance. Yet the application is not exactly free and charges $25 a month.

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Summing Up

Next time if you get lost in Los Angeles or any other place on earth, try looking up for similar applications that are location-specific designed to serve the similar purpose. In fact, application development companies like Fluper must develop more such apps, which offer services on-demand to help their customers in better ways than the ones existing.

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