10 Office Design Tricks that Will Increase Productivity at Work

Your office design can create a huge impact on your work productivity. It is even proven that a well-designed office enhances focus, concentration, and hence, boosts the productivity to a great extent. So, if you too want to have the best office interior design and boost your work productivity, then check these amazing 10 office design hacks!

1. Proper Lighting – Dark lighting symbolizes depression and isolation. If your office lacks proper light, then it can cause stress, headaches, eyestrain, and a lot more problems. Natural lighting is the best option to work in the daytime. For the remaining hours, make sure you have enough white and yellow light.

2. Check for Your Furniture – If you are sitting in a stressed and uncomfortable position, then this will stress your body. It will make it difficult for you to focus on your work. Make sure you have an appropriate chair and table that allows your body to sit in the best position.

3. Go for a Clutter Free Space – Clutter all around is truly distracting! It even reduces the mind’s ability to focus and deliver productive results. Make sure you spend at least 10 minutes every day on planning a clutter-free space, which is more organized, compiled, and free from unwanted distractions.

4. The color of the Room – Colors play a pivotal role in influencing the mood of a person. If you have surrounded with dull and boring colors, then even your ability to deliver productive results will reduce to a great extent. So, go for office colors that are vibrant, rich, and symbolize energy. Colors, such as cool blue, light green, bright yellow, soothing orange and even rosy pink are few of the great options.

5. Maintain an Ideal Room Temperature – A too hot or too cold room actually discomforts the body. It is even not for the overall body health. For all such reasons, it is essential to maintain a proper room temperature, which is warm and comforting.

6. Check for Noise Pollution – If you are working in an office filled with noise and unnecessary sounds then definitely you will be distracted every other minute. As a result, you will end up with reduced productivity. Plan an office design that can keep the noise level to the minimum, or you can also use noise cancellation devices if revamping the design is not possible.

7. Plan Adequate Storage Space – It is important to plan storage space that can offer you with easy access to all the belongings. This will ensure that you have the highest productivity at work. Your pen, paper, keypads, files, and all other stuff, keep them all at an easy access from your seat.

8. Include Elements having Close Proximity to Nature – Including such elements in your office design is always a great idea. Elements from the natural world impact our psychological functioning to a great extent, which directly impacts our productivity. If possible, then plan a seating around a window, including live plants, and other similar stuff in your office design.

9. Have a convenient access to the digital world – Most of the professions these days, work in close connection to the digital world. So, plan an office design that simply engages you to the digital world without resulting in any hassle.

10. Plan an Active Workspace – No matter how big your company is, if it does not own an active design, then it will not be able to boost employee’s productivity. One of the ways is to offer employees the privilege to rest for 10 minutes in every hour or two hours.

So, with these office design hacks, you can create an active workspace that can help you stay focused, comfortable, and deliver increased productivity at work. If still, you have any queries, then it is recommended to suggest the design experts. They will provide you with appropriate solutions exclusive to your needs.

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Comment by Chloe Taylor on July 23, 2018 at 3:56am

Psychological research have determined that colors indeed can affect our mood, so you should think really well which colors are going to be dominate at your workplace before you bring a commercial painters to redecorate the place.


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