10 Outstanding Magento Plugins To Boost Your Website And Increase ROI

Magento is an open-source platform that can be customized at will. If you have the time and skill, Magento provides fantastic development environment for e-commerce websites. This functionality provides a tailored look for your e-commerce website. Especially, if you get in touch with an experience Magento development company, they can bring the best out of this open source platform.

Magento also easily integrates with individual in-house applications by using developer APIs and natively with third-party enterprise tools like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Bluecherry, and JDEdwards.

There are many advanced ecommerce features in Magento such as product comparisons, product tiers, discounts & coupons and multi-store management.

Websites like KurtGeiger.com, Ford.com and Nespresso.com etc, are all powered by Magento.

Before you hire Magento developers to start building your e-commerce website, here are some of the most important plugins you should know before hand.

Here are 10 best Magento Plugins that are surely going to boost your website

FAQ Extensions

Frequently asked questions page on a website is an inevitable concept today. One of biggest advantages a business can have over their competitors is being available to their customers whenever they need. It helps the customers quickly find answers to their questions and bring them a step closer to buying the product online.

With MagePrince FAQ extension, you can create a dedicated FAQ page on the website.

You can also add images, answer blocks, widgets etc along with other features.


An official MailChimp extension that seamlessly integrates with Magento. It  improves the overall communication with your customers and potential buyers. Create auto-responding emails for when your customer say, completes a transaction, for birthday wishes, reminders about abandoned carts etc.

One page checkout

Magento has a set of six different steps to complete the checkout for your customers. This might annoy some of the customers. One Page Checkout is here for the rescue. It simplifies the checkout process to one single step; yes a single step!

It also has an  autocomplete feature that fills the checkout for your buyers.


Shopping online is a relief for some people. But there are people with serious concerns against relying on a seller you haven’t seen in person. In such cases, customers usually rely heavily on reviews by other buyers and their peers to help determine the purchasing decisions.

Yotpo helps in enhancing Magento review facility by letting you email the customers once they have purchased something from your website and provide thoughts on their purchase experience.

Related Products Display

Showing customers products related to what they have bought is an excellent way to keep them engaged on your website. Related Products Manager is an extension that generates related products, up-sells them and cross-sells the similar products automatically with the help of data including previous purchases and views by customers.


Magento generates a separate numbering convention for the documents to the sale whenever an order has been placed. Documents including invoices, memos, and shipment notes are automatically generated. Finding out an for a particular sale due to the inconsistent numbering can be a big hassle.

Fooman manages your invoices by auto-generating these documents with proper numbering. With this, you can easily locate the document that may be required.

Order Manager

When a customer changes or modifies their order, say for example billing or shipping address, there is a ton of work involved on the back-end to make sure that order it corrected and shipped on time. Thanks to Order Manager, this thing can taken care of. With super easy and seamless interface, Order Manager solves this issue easily.

FedEx Smart Shipping

Allows website administrators to handle different aspects of shipping, like arranging for consignment pickup or getting shipping rates from the website etc. Install the plugin and configure the settings--that’s it.

Refer A Friend

With Magento Refer a Friend extension, market your products by using customers themselves. Generate unique links for each of your customers, view and manage transactions directly from referrals.

Template Master- Page Speed Booster

Reduce the bounce rates and increase ROI with this ultra-fast page speed booster. With JavaScript and CSS minification techniques added along with robust image optimization, the PageSpeed Magento extension presents myriad of features for reducing the page loading time.


The popularity and robustness of Magento has often overshadowed other e-commerce website builder platforms. Entrepreneurs today actively want to hire Magento developers in order to get their e-commerce website up and running. Do you have your e-commerce site ready yet?

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